Things You Should Know About Infant Massage in Brisbane


As early psychological and sensory input is crucial in assisting an infant’s growth, massaging babies offers a key form of sensory or tactical stimulation. This touch facilitates the child’s growth, well-being, and development. Starting touch enhances parental abilities and advances a baby’s general wellness.

Positive research findings, evolving lifestyles, and parents’ desire to offer better care for their newborns are all contributing factors to the development in popularity of infant massage in Brisbane.

As of 2020, Queensland reported 59,000+ births. As Brisbane is Queensland’s capital, largest city, and most highly populated urban area, it certainly accounts for a considerable percentage of these births.

Infant Massage Fosters Attachment and Development

Infant massage fosters bonding through eye contact, smiles, calming vocalisations, tender touch, stroking, and cooperative participation. According to studies, bonding boosts a parent’s sense of attachment and desire to provide for and look after their child.

Also, massage helps improve breathing patterns, lung function, nutrient transfer, and oxygen to cells. It can stimulate hormone production to enable weight gain, etc. It can prompt the growth and branching out of the brain’s neurons to boost mental function (cognition).

How Massage and Touch Can Promote Growth in Infants

Touch has an impact on early development, and infant massage can promote growth in the following five areas:

Skills in Communication

Emerging speech, direct eye contact, listening, and turn-taking are encouraged.

Motor Skills

It enhances muscle coordination and tone while raising body awareness.

Social Abilities

It promotes interaction between the baby and the caregiver.

Self-Help Techniques

It encourages lip closure, awareness of the oral motor muscles, and the release of tension required for swallowing.


It improves general self-consciousness, bodily boundaries, cause-and-effect awareness, and attention span.

When to Start Baby Massage

According to Brisbane’s medical statistics, parents should begin touching their newborn as soon as possible.

Parents can start massaging their newborn once the first few weeks have passed after birth. But be sure to pay attention to the baby’s mood. When parents are prepared to massage their infant, the infant should be relaxed, awake, and content. Never use a massage technique that the infant appears to find painful.

Various Methods for Massaging a Baby

These techniques and tips will benefit parents and their infants throughout the massage session.

It’s Crucial to Have a Cosy Setting

Massage the infant in a cosy, peaceful setting. Ensure that the baby and the parent are both relaxed. So that they can keep eye contact, place them on the baby’s back on a towel. This might be on your bed or their changing table. As they get dressed, let them know it is time for the massage.

Begin Slowly

Lay the infant on its back and start gently massaging each body area. First, the parents’ touches should be delicate.

Rub their entire body for a while, beginning with their head and working your way down to their feet. There isn’t a specific time that is ideal for the massage. Each section should last as long as possible for the baby to appreciate the massage.

Speak to Them Throughout

Parents must talk to their babies whenever they are massaging them. To help them relax, say their name and the word “relax” aloud. As they roam over the baby’s body, the parents can recite a narrative or sing their favourite nursery song.

In Conclusion

Due to the high birth rate during the previous few decades, there is a strong need for learning safe and efficient infant massage in Brisbane. Baby massages are an excellent, calming therapy that relaxes the baby and encourages quality time with their parents. Not many parents are naturally good at massaging. If massaging the infant doesn’t go well initially, don’t give up.

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