While we get increasingly aware of the downsides of the global industrial food system (such as using up large quantities of water and energy during both production and transport), the need to produce locally comes even greater. When growing our own food, we ought not to worry about the way it is produced, chances of genetic modifications, chemical contamination, or otherwise. We can also try to sate our need for a fruit or a vegetable that has been out of stock in the store lately.

If you have considered starting your own garden at home, chances are that you did not end up doing it because it is hard work. Here’s us telling you different. If learnt in the right way, gardening is never hard. Moreover, you have gardening and landscaping companies ready to guide you along the way in every step of the journey, from installation to upkeep.

Any good thing demands some work, and the same rings true for plants. Most of your effort will go into paying attention to the plants. Be wary of both increased and stunted growth, and go by professional advice. You can have productive gardens with little work in no time!

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Here’s Why Gardening is Not Hard

Gardening is a way of working with nature, instead of against it, and in doing so, you can actually take a lot of work out of the process. Your job is done when you have a good garden design which can anticipate issues even before you encounter them. Here are ways to make your job easier:

  • By mulching with cardboard, newspaper, straw, or even natural fabric carpeting, you can reduce the need to pull the weeds since that way, you can block their growth, and let the soil maintain more moisture, reducing the need to water.
  • By applying compost and similar organic matter, you can naturally increase the soil’s fertility and help nourish your plants.
  • By going for plant varieties suitable to the climate and soil type, you can help elevate their chance of resilience and survival.
  • By putting in agricultural chemicals and by properly nourishing the soil, your plants will be much healthier and resilient to pests or diseases. This can happen due to the production of their individual phytochemicals that keep us from compromising on our health and the environment by using chemicals. This will also ensure your plants contain much more nutrition for you.
  • A few garden techniques, like hugelkultur garden beds, herb spirals, straw bale gardens, raised keyhole beds, or sheet mulching are especially great at productive plant growth even with reduced work.

Gardening ought not be expensive, all it needs is some smart planning to do away with more effort. For what matters, some healthy soil, sunshine, water, and some seeds are all you will need anyway. Besides that, a few basic supplies or tools, like a trowel, might be needed but that is all.

Following the initial setup, you will have a lot of potential to produce a lot of food with little money. Considering how expensive it is to purchase certain kinds of produce, especially fresh herbs, the idea of inexpensively growing loads of them in your own garden for mere pennies seems enticing.