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In recent decades, the family as a structure has become a nuclear family in which the parents of a newborn child can no longer rely on the support of older people that they used to find in joint families. Therefore, partners need to support each other and understand the requirements.

What can a father do to improve the situation? Can fathers handle newborns as well as older children?

Yes, fathers are just as good as mothers. This has nothing to do with gender, but with how a parent relates to their child. Right?

If you think free pregnancy app are just for moms, they are not. Mylo pregnancy and parenting app is helpful for expectant fathers as well. It gives them guidance and all the tips to become a good dad, and helps new moms take good care of themselves and the newborn baby.

The app is so well designed that it covers all aspects of parenting. Dads can easily understand what their better halves are going through when they are pregnant and stand by them during the time when they are going through a lot of changes emotionally and physically.

Fathers play just as important a role in raising a newborn as a mother does for her child.

As long as the father is there and doing his part, he does not have to worry about such big tasks, while helping the mother with everyday tasks gives her a little breather. These little things have a positive impact on the child’s development. It can be something as simple as changing diapers, helping prepare formula when the baby gets it, or even preparing food, washing bottles until the next feeding time, or even something as small as holding and playing with the baby while feeding for a while. Taking your baby for a walk in a baby carrier can give mom some ME time.

Understand that both the mother and the baby need you at this time in their lives. Therefore, it can be very considerate and helpful to take over other routine tasks while your wife wakes up occasionally to feed the baby. You can do this by being more organized and taking care of things, be it housework, baby food, appointments, diapers, baby clothes, wet wipes, etc.

Putting the baby to sleep is a task that fathers can do as well. While moms can rest, prepare or do something else, dads can also rock the baby to sleep with their lullabies.

It has been shown that fathers who spend time with their baby bond with the baby and the father can develop a close relationship with him from the beginning. Playing with the baby promotes the baby’s mental and physical development when the father plays with the child, compared to children whose fathers are more reserved.

The bond between children and fathers can help the former cope better with stress and be more confident and open.

A bond between baby and mother is always special, but fathers also have a unique bond that begins when the baby is born and where the baby sees that both parents are doing everything together for the baby. And, the Mylo Pregnancy and Parenthood app, is there for you, all you have to do is download the app and enjoy its features. This app is free and allows you to connect with expectant parents and discuss so much together and expand your knowledge about pregnancy and parenthood.

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