This is What a Total Scam Looks LikeThis is What a Total Scam Looks Like


By Monica Trias

This company is a total scam, unless of course, they are selling your Ivy-League profile overseas. That would make it more transparent at least. But I’m getting ahead of myself, let me start out by sharing how they pitch themselves. When they interview you, they will share that their work is divided into three different categories. First, they help students get into the school of their dreams. This happens through services like resume writing and helping people “edit” their personal statements. That’s actually not true, I found out later they write it themselves. The second is that they help students succeed and/or survive while they are working through school through editing and writing help. More on that in a minute. The third is that they help students find internships and jobs to stay in the United States. Some context you should know is that this company is based in Los Angeles, I looked that up on Google. So I guess if their Chinese clients actually wanted to stay in the United States after they finish school that would be great. But I’m guessing that their parents mostly push them to come home since they have to pay full price to study in the United States anyway. Got to take care of the family right? Plus, with the pandemic still raging right now with no end in sight, internships and jobs aren’t exactly easy to get! So I’m not sure if there’s much value in that service.

Now back to the second part of their services, the part I had signed up for before I figured out what they were all about. They are going to make you complete a writing assessment. But here’s the truth about what they are doing: 100% stockpiling essays from applicants. Then they flip it and sell it to their customers. Pretty clever right? Even if they reject you, I think they would still be able to edit it without too much trouble. That’s why they have so many different prompts. I know that because they encouraged me to reapply even after I failed to get approved the first time. What a business model to monetize the work of the applicants. And then of course if you actually get in there is no work AT ALL. I mean if they went to the trouble to hire me I would expect that they would actually have something for me to do. But that wasn’t the case at all, their jobs were completely dead. I saw like maybe one or two per day at the most.

And then of course there is the fact that they are helping students cheat. They literally write papers for students so they could turn it in, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t understand how this is an acceptable business model but that is beyond me. So if you’re considering SimpleTense or work of this nature in general I have a couple of pieces of advice. Stop trying to help the world cheat their way through education. As the world gets smaller, you’re only creating cultural distance by doing.

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