Anyone who will tell you that a trellis is just a trellis clearly has never gotten creative with their home decor. At the very least it can be said that a trellis can be a tool both for purpose and decoration.

With a little bit of insight and some time spent shopping for the right model for your home, you can really come up with some unique ways to work an iron trellis in your home. Among the models that you can find at H Potter are many vibrant, beautiful examples that can really make a plain wall pop, either indoors or out.

Best of all, unlike so many other fixtures of decoration, you can really put a trellis to work for you. Check out these three interesting uses for a trellis.

Use It as Wall Art

Only take a minute to look through the collection of trellises for indoor and outdoor decoration that you can find at Hpotter.com. Every single design you see is a unique item, designed and produced specifically for H Potter, and their aim is to provide their customers with original, high-quality designs to imbue their homes and gardens with a new sense of allure.

This is one of the things you can do with a trellis. They may have originated as tools, but the trellis designs you can find at H Potter span a range of inspiration that will refresh your appreciation for art.

Some of them sport simple geometric designs and others are far more ornate and floral. Among them there are many that will shine on your wall or in your garden simply for artistic purposes; all that’s left for you to do is to find the model to make a match.

Train Your Plants

Among the other ways, you can put a trellis to work is as a structure around which you can train your plants. Climbers and vines need structure to support their growth, and there are many flowers and other plants that will benefit amazingly from the provision of a well-chosen garden trellis.

For bloom-lovers, a decorative metal trellis can give a skeleton to your morning glories, sweet peas, clematis, or roses, among many others. Other climbing plants like vining vegetables will find a new use for your wall decor as well. Beans and peas, some melons, and even tomatoes can be trained to grow upwards with the aid of a garden arbor or a plant trellis as well.

Use It for Hangings

Finally, you can use a metal garden or a wrought iron trellis as a backdrop for your other decorative inspirations. For example, you can wrap LED rope lights or incandescent string lights around them to make a unique fixture in your home or garden. Throughout the different seasons, you can decorate your trellis with hangings commemorating and celebrating the upcoming holidays. You can even use a trellis to hang up cards that loved ones send you throughout the year. Little hangings and trinkets will be nestled in your trellis with grandeur!

These are only a few of the creative ways you can use any of the wonderful trellises that you will find in HPotter’s online store at HPotter.com. Check out their website today; your next inspiration is right around the corner and all orders get free shipping!

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