Time Saving Tips When Doing Laundry


Laundry might feel like an ongoing duty, particularly in large families with many children. Laundry is one of those dull, repetitive activities that everyone has to perform but that nobody likes. Though your washing machine and dryer handle most of the work with your family’s laundry, sorting, cleaning, drying, and folding might take hours each week. Making time-saving decisions is crucial because there is always pressure to complete tasks on time, whether you are a mother, a young worker, or a student. Here are some tips to save time when doing laundry:


One thing is to arrange your laundry area. A completely different game is playing the extra step to organize your soiled clothes. Sort your laundry into separate bins, baskets, or hampers for your delicates, darks, and lights. You might even think about creating an “urgent” bucket for items that need to be washed right away. Additionally, hang nylon bags for socks to avoid having to pick them out of clean laundry heaps. When trying to figure out how to do laundry faster, a little organization can go a long way.

Avoid overloading the washer

One of the most typical laundry blunders is overloading the washer. Clothes require space to maneuver while cleaning. Pack the washing machine empty if you don’t want to rewash the garments. Shake the tub and add loose objects until it is roughly three-quarters filled. Upgrade to a high-capacity, energy-saving washer to do your laundry even faster.


Of course, eliminating folding altogether would speed up the process, and this is not as insane as it may sound. Nowadays, the majority of clothes drip dry, and many don’t even need to be ironed, so you should hang clothes right from the washer instead of folding everything and putting it in drawers. If you have a designated clothesline with hanging space, you could hang the clothes directly in the closet once they are dry.

Set a schedule

Analyze your family’s clothing habits carefully to determine how frequently you should start doing laundry. You can wash items such as jeans, undershirts etc less regularly if you make sure that everyone in the household has enough socks and underwear to last two weeks. In the same way, if you have more than two sets of sheets and towels, you can wait until at least two of them are filthy before washing them all at once while the third is still in use.

Organizing space

Even if you’re the only one who uses it, giving your laundry room a makeover may not be at the top of your list of home improvements, but a tidy, organized area will be a lot simpler to use. Create a location for your pre-sorting hampers, set up a small table or counter to hold your laundry baskets, and keep the tops of your machines clear.

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