Tipping weed delivery drivers in Hamilton Ontario


Whether you hold a prescription for medical marijuana or order weed for fun, the role of weed delivery drivers is indispensable. These drivers toil hard in delivering the best quality products to your doorstep. When the world was reeling under the grasp of Covid-19, these weed delivery drivers lived up to their commitment and delivered orders on time. Just for the sake of appreciation of their work, we should tip them.

Doorstep delivery is available in Hamilton too. Therefore, after finding the best service providers like Dankhub – weed delivery Hamilton, you can expect to get the weeds of your choice at the comfort of your home. Considering all the factors above, here are a few tipping etiquettes.

Is it mandatory giving tips for weed delivery?

Often, people ask on social media platforms, whether tipping for recreational weed is mandatory. No, this isn’t a rule, but you should offer tips showing appreciation for their hard work. Moreover, you shouldn’t compare the services of weed delivery drivers with other delivery orders. By giving them a tip, you help them earn an incentive for their services.

Tipping for weed delivery is different from other delivery services

When chilling out at a restaurant or a bar you tip the waiter/bartender. . In the above case, the delivery guys need to walk a few steps for fulfilling the orders. While the weed delivery drivers have to travel a lot of distance. For the uninitiated, often these delivery drivers aren’t reimbursed for the gasoline charges, by the weed providing companies.

The sad truth, is the weed delivery drivers need to work out of their skins only to earn some peanuts at the end of the day. If you think, they are making a huge amount; you will be surprised to learn most of these weed delivery drivers hardly earn a fair wage.

You should tip at least 20% of the total cost of the ordered weed. Often, customers perceive the service or delivery charge as a tip. However, the aforesaid amount does not go to the weed delivery driver. Therefore, keep these points in mind when tipping.

Let go of that lame excuse

The weed delivery drivers do expect tips when they deliver. More often than not, customers shatter their expectations. The proclamation, “I am running out of money to tip you”, can be heart-wrenching for the drivers. Be honest, and ask yourself, isn’t that a lame excuse?

 Weeds aren’t cheap, and when you are ordering them, it suggests, you have spare money. Thus, there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t tip the drivers. If you are ordering weed for “getting high”, why not offer the warm gesture and offer the weed delivery drivers a reason to smile too. So, henceforth, do your best, offering a handsome tip.

Factors to take into account before tipping

Of course, specific factors will let you decide whether or not to tip the driver handsomely. The quality of the product, the timely delivery, and above all the behavior of the driver are determinant points. When all the boxes get ticked, you can consider showing your warm gesture and offering the driver a good amount as a tip.

The right tipping amount

Although we mentioned earlier on considering the percentage amount for tipping, it might not be enough for the sake of weed delivery drivers. The above rule is acceptable and appreciable at restaurants. Weed delivery drivers pay for gasoline, repair costs of their vehicle, and sometimes bear harassment from the police and miscreants. Taking all the above factors into account, do your best, and give them a generous tip.

The ideal way is to, offer them money for gas, or to inquire about any repairing charges for their vehicles. The drivers would be more than happy to receive the amount from you. If you are a medical marijuana patient, you can consider tipping a lesser amount. Even the driver wouldn’t mind that.

Ask the delivery driver

Well, if you are ordering weed for the first time, you can ask the weed delivery driver directly. Most of these drivers would readily share their tipping experience from the other customers with you. By asking the driver, they will feel good. They will take it as your gesture of showing respect for their duties. Based on the conversation, you will get an idea of whether to tip them on a percentage basis or a flat dollar amount.

The distance factor

When ordering cannabis, you probably have seen the address of the provider. If the distance is far away, you should tip them more. During the conversation with the driver, you can figure out if the person is making less than a dollar per mile. In such circumstances, they are spending more on gas. Do your best to reimburse the costs, and the driver would be more than glad to receive it.

Do your best when in doubt

The global pandemic has made a major percentage of people lose their jobs. Understandably, not everyone is in a sound financial condition. However, you are ordering weed for a medical patient at your home. In such cases, talk to the driver, and then give them tips accordingly. Surely, the drivers would understand your situation, and happily accept whatever you can spare for them.

Bottom Line

So, as you can see, the tipping decision is very personal. Consider the points mentioned above, and decide on the amount you want to give as a tip to the driver.

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