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Are you troubled by the duty of cleaning your bathroom? Yes, it can be time consuming, but who doesn’t like gleaming floors, polished mirrors and glowing taps? In the following blog, we will give you easy hack for cleaning your bathroom. You do not have to spend a lot of time or a lot of effort in cleaning your bathroom.

Manage the mess: Throw away all empty bottles and packets of detergents, shampoos, cleaners. Remove all items from their locations. Take out the towels, clothes. In a less empty, don’t forget your entire toilet and dustbin.

Clean the floor: Once this is all done, start cleaning the floor. Remove all dust and spider webs. Make sure the dirt does not make your drainpipe clog.
Disinfect your bathroom: Start cleaning the bathroom by disinfecting the toilet, walls and corners. Place the cleaner on all tiles and rub it with a toilet brush. Even clean the shower, towel stand, windows and bathroom door.

Clean the walls and mirrors: Remove the toughest soap stains from the walls and mirrors with shaving foam. The best part of using shaving foam on the mirror is that when there is steam in the bathroom there is no fog collecting on the mirror. For better cleaning of walls, you can easily use bleach with a brush. It removes all the spots from the wall.

Avoid sweeping and just washing. Sweeping takes a lot of time and the bathroom is not even cleaned completely. By washing directly with water, you can wash away all the dirt and clean even the cleanest corners. You can drain the water later, so your bathroom is not slippery.

Vanity: A vanity will make your bathroom more clean, orderly and well-organized. If you have a washbasin cabinet in your bathroom, clean it first. Clean the surface with some vinegar to remove stains.

Toilet cleaning: If you do regular cleaning, cleaning the toilet is not as difficult. You can use an all-purpose cleaner and clean it with a toilet brush and then flush it.

RunBugz Toilet Cleaner:- It provides 99.99% protection from bacteria and germs in your bathroom and cleans the commode shiny with a minty freshness. Thinner liquid formulations provide better coverage, keeping toilet cleaners with less amount of liquid.

Faucet and Shower Cleaning: Hardwater accumulates on your faucet and shower which limits the flow of water. To get rid of this, you can mix the dishwashing liquid with vinegar and scrub it.

These tips will help keep your bathroom clean and hygienic.

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