B2B sourcing will give your company the edge in remaining competitive and help you to find the right product. Whatever you may be looking for, say a projector phone, global sourcing will work for you if you have the right tools available.

Back in 1995 the world’s first B2B platform was released with mixed results. Since then the company has expanded to include digital products it has continued to grow and evolve by bringing the required item to the purchaser much faster. The reality is when we want a new phone, we want it today. With access to a wider group of suppliers, you can search for the best deal for your clients.

Projector Phones

The projector mobile phone is a necessity to take your presentation to the next level. This is where global sourcing can help you. Companies wishing to maintain a competitive edge in retail find an increased demand from customers for the best quality product, and the supply chain software can access the product fast. While ordering look at the checkout counters, starting at around $150 USD, to make your job easier.

There are two stages to obtaining the right products and they are.

  • Sourcing or finding the right supply chain
  • Procurement or getting the supplies to your business, by placing the order, receiving the order, and paying for the order.

This is all easily done now, using your banking app on the iPhone the transaction can be completed in seconds.Having access to a much wider variety of suppliers allows for comparing prices and the best possible deal. For example, a local supplier will be able to offer you a better price, and you will soon find out what is available in your area.

Size Matters

The world’s smallest projector phone is a 3+32GB Octa-core Android 6.0 US$ 525 to 586. This small projection phone was exhibited at a global sourcing show, attracting a lot of interest.

Alternately the time, phone projector smartphone is a great buy at $500 USD

For the school presentations try Portable Projector with wifi connection to mobile phone Micro HD LED. perfect for the teens to take to class at $39.90.

Manage Your Spending Better

With the right supply chain access, you can have greater visibility across the whole chain. In turn, this allows risk minimization and allows you to run reports for the clients who often have questions about a product. This is time-saving both for you and the client, allowing for transparency right along the supply chain. Obviously, the whole process depends on the right software for the job, so choose carefully, and ask for demonstrations before making the final software purchase.

How to Stay Competitive

We no longer spend hours searching for suppliers, we search for suppliers based on putting our criteria into the search. When it is specific say

‘projector phone, global sourcing’ the specific search conducted allows all the information on the given product to be at your fingertips. Then you can further narrow the search with the price range and other criteria. You then have broad access to suppliers and buyers without spending more on marketing. Your supply chain managing software will pay for itself in the first week by allowing you to research all the specific products for your


Global Sources 

Global sources are located in Hong Kong and are a leading B2B platform trading with China from across the globe. It is the best place to find suppliers due to its international profile and is business oriented company. When you are planning to purchase a projector phone, Global sourcing

will provide the answers to your questions. You won’t have to wait to get what you are looking for promptly due to the fast supply chain allowing new trends to reach you in weeks. Because of the access to a variety of suppliers, the company is able to compare prices and get the best deal for the consumer.

Advantages of Data Analytics

  • Improves customer service by anticipating changes in demand
  • Pressures the supply chain to become more cost-effective, and enables the consumer to get a cheaper product while still getting the highest quality item. Order accuracy is guaranteed and transportation costs are lowered.
  • Increased efficiency of the supply chain, eliminating duplication and allowing focus on implementing better business strategies.
  • The flexible analysis leads to a response to environmental changes when they arise.
  • Future growth strategy through data analysis assists the growth of customer base allowing expansion into new markets.
  • Data analysis in turn allows pricing changes to remain flexible, and products to be readily available as required.
  • Companies that integrate data analytics realize efficiency increases of 10% or more a recent study has shown, higher in some cases often due to the much faster delivery time. This is important for telecommunication companies, in predicting which products will sell. It also shows changing customer requirements and can be used in managing customer loyalty programs.

Global Sourcing Fair

Global Sourcing Fairs are held regularly across the world. I note with interest that Vietnam is having its first one next year. The Global Sourcing Fair Vietnam will be held in Ho Chi Minh City from 26th to 28th April 2023. For those who have never been to Vietnam, this is a perfect opportunity. 

Developing countries are embracing technology rapidly, and if you are a company rapidly expanding, you will want to be there to show your products and expand your horizons. Projector phones are guaranteed to be popular, along with all other electronic supplies.

As most people see electronic devices as their chance to work from anywhere, escape poverty, and communicate their newfound skills. Given the right technology, they are able to compete with the rest of the world by enrolling in ongoing education and gaining qualifications.

Vietnam is moving very quickly from an Agrarian country to a skills-based country, and no one wants to be left behind.

B2B sourcing not only connects consumers with the manufacturer, but it also connects people with other people, and every year the electronic world becomes more global.