Electric motors are the lifeblood and the running component of many electronics we use daily. From our fans to pool motor, all of them use motors to function. It is essential that the motor of your electronics is in top shape and doesn’t face any damage. It can harm the use of the product and even the circuit of the product. This is something you need to avoid. Ensuring that the motor is healthy and works well requires efforts on your part as well.

If you think that the motor of your electronic device is not working correctly, hire an electric motor repair services now. They’ll help identify and problems and get rid of them before it needs replacement. Also, if you keep ignoring the issue for a long time, it may damage the entire product. There are many ways to ensure that your motor is in good shape and also to maintain it. Let us discuss the top tips you need to follow to maintain the health of your electric motors:

Inspect for damages

Signs like corrosion or dirt are signs of damage to the motor of an electronic. These are visual signs that your motor may need repairing or it might not be working correctly. Also, if there is any short-circuiting, you can detect a burning smell, indicating that it might be time to get a professional. Also, ensure that there is no source of moisture near the motor to avoid corrosion. Moisture is detrimental to the health of an electronic and may lead to rust.


Every electronic needs proper lubrication from time to time to function adequately. You can use oil or grease in the case of electric motors to ensure that they work correctly and avoid rust buildup.

Even if there is any rust problem due to moisture, routinely lubrication can help eliminate it. However, over greasing is also not advised as it can reduce heat dissipation.


Vibrations in an excessive amount can shorten and harm the working of a motor. It leads to friction among the bearing and other components of the motor, which is not a good sign. Also, excessive vibration can lead to the bearings wasting and rubbing away the grease.

If you notice any excessive vibrations, it is best to contact a professional. Detecting it earlier can help eliminate the issue quickly but delaying it may prove to be counter-effective.

Get regular services

If there are many motors in your home, it is essential to get good service. Just like every other electronic, motors also need regular oiling and replacement. Contact to get electric motor servicing for all the electronics in your home and ensure that they are working correctly.

Maintain a record

It is wise to maintain a record of the services, repairs and replacement of motors. It can help you get an estimate of the life span and also the components that are replaced. Also, you can show it to a professional if the motor gets damaged, so they get a better idea about the previous services.

Develop and record every replacement service too for further inspections.