Do we like to play role-playing games, shooting games, or other types of multiplayer computer games? However, to play like professionals, we cannot use a simple keyboard. We still need to use a gaming keyboard to reduce the keystroke time to zero. To meet the needs of the most avid gamer, in this guide we will show you what functions a good mechanical gaming keyboard should have.

In the following chapters, we will discover the difference between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard, what other functions a good gaming keyboard should have, and we will show you a series of models for each budget so that you can immediately choose the new keyboard. what you want. wants to reserve for our games.

One of the biggest problems for those approaching the purchase of a new keyboard is choosing a mechanical or membrane keyboard. We have compiled information on these two types of keyboard below:

Mechanical keyboard: This keyboard works thanks to a series of switches pressed by the selected key and creates the electrical impulse that then reaches the PC. They are best for gaming because they offer high responsiveness and precision when pressing one or more keys and are durable but heavier and bulkier than membrane models.

Membrane keyboard – This keyboard provides a control panel with contacts that correspond to the keys. When the buttons are pressed, they make the proper electrical contact and generate the response for the PC. They are much cheaper and lighter.

Therefore, we recommend that you always focus on a mechanical keyboard for gaming, as the quality of the keys and the precision when pressing the keys is superior. Not all gaming keyboards are the same. So be sure to check the following specs before purchasing.

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Ergonomics: The keyboard should be comfortable and the keys well spaced so that one key is not pressed during another while playing.

Response time: important for games that require you to press multiple buttons at the same time. It should be as low as possible

Additional Keys: The keyboard, which provides additional keys for gaming, offers a decisive advantage, especially if it can be programmed with macros.

Switch type: when choosing a mechanical keyboard, it is also important to choose the mechanism that will allow the keys to be used

Backlighting – A good gaming keyboard should also provide backlighting for the keys so you can see them in the dark.

Please note that a comfortable keyboard for typing is not always suitable for gaming and vice versa. Therefore, the purchase of a gaming keyboard should go hand in hand with a gaming PC that can easily type from time to time. A keyboard that is comfortable for typing may no longer be usable while gaming, so let’s pick which model to choose.

After looking at some of the features that a gaming keyboard should have, these are some of the best models that we can find at Bzfuture.

If we want a high-quality mechanical keyboard at all costs without spending a fortune, we can check out the Motospeed mechanical keyboard, available at Bzfuture for less than $ 70.

When it comes to mechanical keyboards, we have many options, whether we are a beginner or want a complete mechanical gaming keyboard at the right price. If we are particularly demanding and want to play at higher levels, we can take advantage of the opponents. The prices are generally much higher than those of traditional keyboards, but the result is guaranteed!,.

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