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Putting on a wig is basically no more complicated than putting on a hat. Our wigs are made and can be used very easily, even without prior knowledge or experience. Of course, there are still a few tips and tricks on how to keep your new hair in the best possible shape. In this section, we have put together some pieces of advice that will help you to ensure that your wig fits perfectly and that you can enjoy your new hairstyle for a long time. In the video area of ​​the individual item descriptions, but also here below, you will find an informative video instruction from the manufacturer Luvmehair. We have summarized all the important steps and information for you to read how to put lace front wig on

Shake wigs

When you take your wig out of the packaging for the first time or have kept it in the box for a while, then it is sometimes not optimally styled. To get the hair of your wig into shape, it is worth shaking the wig briefly before putting it on. Simply put your fingers into the mount and move the wig back and forth with your hand. This loosens the hair. You can get the hairstyle back into shape simply and easily with your fingers. This is the gentlest way to organize your second hair. By the way, when you are not wearing it, your wig is ideally placed on a wig stand. There it keeps its shape when not in use.

Care & style

Wigs are ready-to-wear and very easy to care for. Do not wash them more often than necessary and only use special care products for them. A basic distinction must be made between artificial and real hair when it comes to care. Please never use highly adhesive styling products to style synthetic hair. Synthetic hair wigs should also never be styled wet. Synthetic hair wigs can be easily shaped with your fingers without much effort. However, you are welcome to use a wide-toothed comb or a blunt brush with rounded nubs for straight hair. However, please gently loosen knots of the hair with your fingers. Curly wigshowever, you should never work with brushes or combs. In our guide you will also find a detailed article on the topic and care and styling.

Benefits of wig caps

Wig caps or wig caps are hoods that are worn under the wig. Using a wig cap under the wig is not a must, but we recommend using it. For people who wear a wig over their own hair, the wig cap ensures that the hair lies close to the head and that the natural hair cannot inadvertently slip out from under the wig. For wig wearers without hair, the hood ensures a better hold. In addition, a wig cap protects your wig from sweat and the natural oils that are formed on the scalp. The shine, suppleness and shape of your wig will last longer if direct contact with the scalp and your own hair can be avoided. Wig caps, as wig caps are also called in Germany, are extremely flexible and adapt perfectly to any head shape. They are available in various materials such as nylon, as cotton nets or made from breathable bamboo viscose. The edges of the wig cap should end at the hairline. The wig cap is worn behind the ears. The ears should always remain free.

Wigs over your own hair

If you wear your wig over your own hair, there are a number of techniques you can use to make your natural hair disappear completely under the second hair. Comb your hair back at the hairline. Depending on the length of the hair, the hair should be pinned up. Shorter hair can be braided very well into flat buns, which can then be easily pinned to the side, at the nape of the neck or at the back of the parting with standard hairpins. If the hair is shoulder-length, it can make sense to tie the hair in one or two small knots at the nape of the neck and secure it there with commercially available hairpins. Longer hair that falls over the shoulders should be parted in the middle and then braided into two loose braids. The two braids held in place by hair bands you now lie crosswise over your head and fasten them tightly with hairpins. Your own hair can be braided particularly well if it is not freshly washed. Hair that has not come into contact with water on the same day has better grip and gives your wig more hold

The putting on of the wig

To put the wig straight on, turn it upside down and grasp the back of the wig. The back part, with the label and the size setting, is placed on the forehead.

Then you simply pull the wig over the forehead backwards over the head. Just like with a hat, there are two ways of pulling it up. An alternative option is to grip the wig with both hands at the front and back. In this case, place the front part of the wig on your forehead and pull the back part over your head. Then align the wig correctly on the sides. Shake your head briefly again to loosen up the second hair and simply adjust the hairstyle with your fingers. Ready!

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