Tips To Be Happier at WorkTips To Be Happier at Work


If you want to lead a healthy personal and professional life, you need to ensure that you are happy with whatever you do. However, with most of us leading hectic lives, this is easier said than done. That’s why in this article, we are going to provide 5 tips to make you happier in the workplace.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep is one of the primary ways to ensure you stay happy while working. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), over a third of the United States adults do not get enough sleep. Research by the National Sleep Foundation supports these findings, with around 40% of Americans being so drowsy that it interferes with their routine activities. Sleeping for less than 7 hours per night has also been linked with an array of other health risks and diseases, in addition to affecting productivity.  Organizations have resulted in taking a lead in encouraging their staff members to get adequate sleep at night, with some even paying out a bonus for employees to get seven hours of sleep at night.

Well, whether your company pays you a bonus for adequate sleep or not, getting a good night’s rest will enable you to have a better day at work. For most people, however, this is easier said than done due to a wide array of factors. From social media distractions and TV shows to stress and other issues, most people have a hard time falling asleep. To help improve your sleep quality, it is advisable to turn off all electronics at least 30 minutes before sleep and create a bedtime ritual that prepares your body and mind for better sleep.

Pay Attention to Hydration & Nutrition

What you put in your body will have an effect on your energy during the day. It’s no wonder you feel sluggish, an hour after starting your day with a cup of coffee and a doughnut.

There is a lot of information out there regarding nutrition for ideal performance. Well, you do not need a restrictive or elaborate diet in order to be at your best when working. Just ensure you get a good mix of proteins, fats, and slow-burning carbs in every meal or snack you take throughout the day. Take note of how different foods make you feel. So, if a bowl of pasta during lunch makes you feel sluggish and sleepy in the afternoon, then it is best to look at other options. 

Also, ensure you stay hydrated throughout the day. Avoid drinking too much soda and similar drinks. Ensuring you eat properly and drink plenty of water can go a long way in making you happier at work.

Keep Your Space Organized

Do you find stacks of mails and reports on your desk every morning? Do you have piles of paperwork that take too much energy to sort through in order to get to that document you need? A workplace full of clutter can sometimes make it hard to focus and be productive.

If your workplace looks like an exploded paper factory, you’ll want to set some time ahead and have it organized. Get rid of what you do not need and file that paperwork away. Also, come up with a system that deals with incoming emails, mails, reports, etc., to avoid drowning in paperwork a few weeks later.

Get Rid of the Mental Clutter

A clear mind is vital when it comes to productivity in work. The brain processes thousands of information pieces and if you are not careful, it can easily get overwhelmed and unproductive.

The solution to this is to take an island retreat and become deliberate regarding the information that you let in. Your brain isn’t productive when on social media and so, avoid the temptation of checking your Instagram while on a break and take a walk instead. This is not just a good work habit, but also an excellent way to become more active.

Also, you may want to consider adding a meditation session to your daily routine. Most high performers including the CEO of Twitter credit their daily meditation habit to helping them reach their potential, improve productivity and manage stress. For more information on meditation visit the Clarity Clinic. Similar to nutrition, starting simple is an excellent way to ascertain progress. 10 to 15 minutes a day in meditation is enough to create substantial results.

Take Movement Breaks

Our bodies are not designed to sit in front of a computer screen for hours on end. Staying active during your work hours is an excellent habit to include in your daily routine. Take some time to move around the workplace and clear your mind. This will reduce your fatigue levels, minimize pains and aches and also boost your level of creativity.

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