Love and wine are timeless pairs. When we think of a perfect date, we envision a candlelit dinner, soft music, dance, and a glass of wine. For a memorable date, we try to do everything perfectly. We tend to give our best to make our partner feel comfortable on the date. A date is all about you and your partner enjoying the moment. There are little things that together create the magic, and wine is one of them. So, we need to select the perfect wine for an ideal date. 

If you are going to a restaurant and have no knowledge of wines, then the sommelier (wine-waiter) will be your savior as they know best. But if you are going to arrange a creative date for your loved one, then you must keep some tips in mind to choose the best wine that will complement the night: 

Choose a wine that goes with the food:

Wine should complement the food. Make sure to choose the wine that brings out the flavor of your food. For instance, acidic foods will go with acidic wines; salty food should be partnered with sweet wine; fatty foods are best with bitter wines. Foods and wine from the same region can also make the best pair.

People prefer red wines on almost every occasion but do not fear to try out of the box. You should also try white and rose wine. The right thumb rule of selecting a wine is- red wine for heavier dishes and white wine for light dishes.

Ask your partner:

Do not forget to ask the preference of your partner. They might know more about wines than you. Also, they might have a particular taste for the wine. You are preparing for a memorable date, and you cannot ignore your partner’s preference.

 This date is for them, so you must consider your partner’s choice before considering anything for the special day. It is good to communicate before buying so that this might not ruin the mood of you or your partner. 

Remember every wine you taste:

If you try a new wine that you like, turn the bottle and read the label that consists of the information of the wine. Memorize the importer so that you can easily pick the right wine or the similar one the next time you buy wine from a store.  

Memorizing the importer makes it easier to find the wine you like. It often happens that we forget to learn about the winery as we are busy appreciating the taste. 

Read the label:

Make sure you read the label properly before buying any wine bottle. The packaging, eye-catching illustrations, and fonts may persuade you into buying a bottle of wine that might not be a good choice for you and make you regret it. 

You really don’t have to know a lot about wines before buying them. All you need to read is the specific information given on the label, which includes the origin, importer, variety of grapes used, and description.

Find a good wine shop:

The best way to find a good bottle of wine is to go to a wine shop so that they can guide you into buying the best-suited wine for the occasion. Do not hesitate to ask for help from those who know the best.

The wine shops will help you find the best products from multiple options available with them. They will also guide you according to the food you are planning for the day, and they also offer guided tasting, which will help you pick the best one.