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A well-kept garden enhances the beauty of your home. It not only uplifts its aesthetics but also tends to boost its overall appearance. Moreover, a perfectly done garden can add significantly to your home’s value too.

With the summer months approaching their end, it is the perfect time to spend more time outdoors. An hour outside, in the fresh air, can perk up your mood and make you feel better. Thus, investing some time into keeping your space tidy and clean is definitely worth the effort. Although Garden Clearance Walthamstow services can help you in doing so; you must look after your space too.

Keeping your garden tidy and clean is an ongoing task. It requires regular maintenance and proper care. However, you do not need a handful of pro skills to keep your garden top-notch. You can do so with basics too.

Here, we have summed up some tips that will help you keep your garden clean, tidy, and beautiful.

Mow and Water Your Garden Regularly:

A neat and tidy grass is very important as it is the first element that is noticed by visitors. Properly mowed grass looks extremely fresh and welcoming. It is recommended that you water your grass at least twice or thrice per week. You do not need to do it daily and you must not either. Overwatering can damage the leaves and cause them to wilt.

The best time to water your garden and plants is either during the early morning or late evening. This is because the vaporizing during these times is low and it is best for plants. Once you have taken care of watering them properly, you must mow them regularly too. Once the grass grows above 5cm; it is best to get it mowed. You can either do it on your own or hire a gardener to get it done every month.

Trim the Hedges:

Trimming the hedges is very important. And although this might sound like a quick and easy job; it actually isn’t. Hedges grow rapidly, thus, they require maintenance at least twice per month.

You can reduce the hedges from the top. However, if you are willing to spend some time and effort, you can shape them properly from all sides too. A good quality garden scissor will do the job really well.

Keep it Free of Waste and Rubbish:

Your garden will attract a lot of waste. Blown away leaves, dirt, and dust are some of the most common waste items found in a garden. If you have kids, they might throw wrappers and other items there too. Thus, getting rid of waste is also very important.

Garden Clearance Walthamstow

Hiring professional Waste Removal Walthamstow services is extremely helpful in this context. They come by and remove the waste once every week or as per your requirements. If you have the time and energy, you can remove the waste on your own too.

Clean the Decor:

If you have any outdoor decor in your garden, you must clean it from time to time. The decor adds beauty to a space. But if it isn’t cleaned regularly, it starts ruining the outlook of your garden. You can use a basic household cleaning solution to clean the decoration and ornaments. If you have household help, you can assign them the task of cleaning your outdoor decor every week.

Prune the Dead Parts:

Keep an eye out for the dead plants. The damaged branches and leaves tend to ruin the plant all over. They gradually wilt the entire plant. Thus, pruning shrubs and bushes is very important.


Looking after your garden is an ongoing job. You have to maintain it regularly, to keep it clean, today and beautiful. As this space adds a great amount of aesthetic value to your property, it is worth it to put in the required effort.

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