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Men never understand what women want! Is it true? Well, although that can be a debatable topic, there are certain things that women love to see in their partners. Apart from a strong personality and honesty, a woman will always prefer a well-groomed man. Moustache has been entirely in fashion for the last few decades, and almost every man aspires to flaunt their bold facial hair to the world.

But facial growth needs proper grooming and care if you are keen on flaunting that rugged look. Moustaches have always been the most subtle way to add a dash of spice to your entire look. And although it might seem like an easy task, it isn’t. So do not be intimidated, but sometimes growing a proper beard is challenging. 

People are crazy about finding the best beard shampoo online for grooming purposes. But is it enough to invest in a beard shampoo to care for your facial hair growth? Probably not. 

Although the hair growth will depend on your genetics, lifestyle choices, and other medical conditions, you can invest in a few healthy habits to help you get a better beard and moustache growth on your face. Intrigued to know more? 

Seven excellent tricks to care for your beard & moustache :

Timing Matters

Before diving into finding the best beard shampoo the first thing to understand here is that everything needs time. Whether it is about your skin or health or your facial hair growth, it will take some time and strong dedication from your end. 

Whether you opt for a natural care regime or seek professional help, it is essential to consider that every process needs time and proper involvement to achieve desired results. For example, start by trimming your moustache with clippers or beard trimmer. 

Once you get accustomed to this, you might want to transcend into using the scissors to trim the facial hair growth adequately. You can also start applying little wax on the beard that helps you to keep it in a firm shape and position and give it a fluffy, elegant look. 

Carefully Select Your Kit

Just like proper skincare and haircare regime, your beard, too, needs an appropriate routine. And to maintain that, you need to be careful about selecting the best beard shampoo. 

Not every shampoo comes with non-toxic ingredients that only facilitate growth and offer nutrition to the facial hair. Instead, most of the products are brimming with harmful chemicals that can lead to dangerous diseases for you. So, read, research and meticulously select the best and then buy beard shampoo online and other products to create a personalised beard care kit for regular use.

Be Prudent About Your Beard Shape

Like any wild animal, you must ensure that your beard and moustache are in-tune with the surrounding environment. But what is that supposed to mean? Well, consult a professional if you do not know about the different shapes and sizes of beards that can suit your face. 

During the first month of growth, you must select a style that can complement your face shape without being too harsh on your overall look and personality. That way, it will add essence to your presence and ensure that you will always look your best.

Dirt Is A Strict No-No

The early stages of growth need a lot of care and attention. But your beard and moustache also need to be cleaned and given proper nutrition appropriately to boost their growth. Understand a simple fact here. It is not only about your facial hair but also the underlying skin that needs your care. 

So, washing and conditioning is an essential step you must follow in your daily routine. First, select a gentle cleanser to clean the dirt, dead skin and other chemicals that often accumulate in your facial hair. In the case of dandruff, consult a dermatologist or use a medicated product containing salicylic acid. Refrain from overzealous towelling as it can lead to split ends.

Hydrate, Moisturise

If you wish to pick the best beard shampoo, why not invest in hydrating your bear? Yes, your skin underneath requires proper hydration, so you must be careful about selecting the best moisturiser for your facial hair. 

If you have acne-prone skin, you need to find one that can balance your skin’s pH. In case of dry skin, try using beard oil. Always opt for the fragrance-free, non-comedogenic product if you have sensitive skin. 

Start cleansing your face with a gentle soap or cleanser devoid of harmful chemicals. Once done, apply your moisturiser and dump it into the skin gently. Use it sparingly to prevent any build-up or continual feeling of greasiness. 

Patchiness Cure

Sometimes you need to accept that your moustache or beard might not grow like others. But does that mean you won’t have that stylish, rugged look? Absolutely no. You still can grow the beard as per your face shape, but it can be slightly patchy. So, for those who have always been suffering due to the patchiness on their face, it is time to bid those worries goodbye.

If it is patchy, focus on changing the moustache style. You will come across styles which might be slightly shorter than the regular ones but look incredibly chic and elegant on the man. So, do not bother about the gaps that linger around your patchy beard. 

Instead, focus on trimming the facial hair into shorter ones that can give you stubble with a different edge and style. You can also use makeup to fill the gaps if you are too conscious about them. Along with that, do not forget to use the moustache oil daily. Regular use of this oil can boost growth and reduce patchiness over time. 

It’s Time For Nutrition

The last tip for your beard is that nothing works well for your body unless you give it proper food to grow. So, nutrition will always play a significant role in helping you care for your beard and moustache. In addition, your beard will benefit from vitamins B9, B5 and B3. So, focus on including lean meats, nuts, milk, egg yolks and lots of leafy greens in your regular diet. In the case of supplements, always consult an expert to get the best results.

Take Away

These are a few ways to take care of your facial hair growth and flaunt a stylish, rugged look. But with all, you need to be patient and kind towards yourself. Not always, your body will work and give you the desired results. 

Not always the skin will look flawless or shine bright. 

On such days, you need to embrace yourself, flaws and strengths and understand that your confidence is what makes you appealing to the world. So, shine and let the world appreciate the man behind that beard. 

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