Everybody knows NetZero.com for offering some of the best data packages that are budget-friendly in today’s conditions. It’s free plan limits at around 200 MB per month. The basic and plus plans are limited at 1 and 2 GB respectively.

Though the problem with NetZero is that it does not offer any phenomenal speed (because its downloading speeds are only up to 10 Mbps), it has always been (and still is) considered as a very good provider of good internet services. Its prices are competitive regarding its plans.

When users start using internet beyond 4 gigabytes on monthly basis, NetZero eventually becomes expensive in comparison to others like AT&T, Verizon and others.

The company often requires both existing and new users to sign up for its devices. If they do not have a compatible device, then this one-time cost would become affordable if there is a monthly rent option; in comparison to packages offered by competing internet service providers (ISPs).

What claim does NetZero have regarding its services? Is it true?

NetZero claims to offer its customer a free mobile broadband data (4G) having 200 MB bundle on monthly basis. This claim is true but there are some catches. The plan really does not cost as much as others would charge (does not charge the monthly access fee too). But users are often required to purchase NetZero’s hotspot of mobile broadband no matter which data plan they sign up for.

NetZero’s hotspot has the ability to host multiple devices and comes in with a year-long warranty. However, it costs $60 each month (with a once charged activation fee of $20). Some users are exempt from buying the NetZero hotspot, provided if they have a compatible device.

However, there is one issue. The company’s website does not have a list of compatible devices, leaving users to test IMEI or Serial number of each device on their own to see if the device connects to NetZero’s network.

There is one more catch. NetZero’s so called free plan lasts for just a year, and once a year is complete; users must either cancel and close their NetZero account or upgrade to a free plan. In this regard, it is best to use NetZero as a temporary solution and users consider other internet service providers after a year of using NetZero for more you can check tech news.

Why should users opt for NetZero?

NetZero is best for those who check their email or use the internet occasionally.

Why should users stay away from using NetZero?

NetZero’s internet is not suited for those who want to stream videos and music. Regular users of mobile data should consider other ISPs.

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