Till the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, life had always been too mechanized with hardly any time to spare for the family. Despite the consequences of the deadly disease, the unprecedented infection had directly or indirectly forced us to stay glued to the family members, which otherwise would have remained a fantasy.

Setting aside the hardships, the advantages, and the opportunity we gained cannot be easily forgotten in the years to come. One among them was to recall and delve into the traditional indoor games which were in vogue right from the days of our forefathers. These all-ages games brought back the lost cheers in the family.

Undoubtedly, games whether indoor or outdoor are very necessary for our life to keep us fit, active, fresh, and social and have much value in the development of mind and body.

Adding spicy flavor to the above, video games have come as a boost up. Disney’s video games proved convenient for the younger generation during this period. Most Disney games are rather simple and games like Star Wars and Marvel are usually free to play games.

For handiness, here are the Best Disney games for Android! to spend your time adventurously.

1. Castle of Illusion

Castle of Illusion is one of the foremost polished Disney games on mobile. By exploring five worlds you defeat the evil minions of Mizrabel. Like most classic Mickey Mouse games, it contains action, adventure, and platformer elements.

2. Disney Crossy Road

Disney Crossy Road is a Disney version of the extremely popular Crossy Road game. It plays tons just like the old Frogger game. Players move a character forward while crossing roads, streams, and other obstacles. The goal is to travel as long as possible without being run over or falling into the water. This version of the sport features over 100 Disney and Pixar characters, including classics like Buzz Lightyear or more modern characters like Rapunzel.

3. Disney Magic Kingdoms

Disney Magic Kingdoms may be a city builder simulator with a fun Disney spin. The game enables players to build their very own Disneyland or Disney World, basically. You can decorate the park how you would like, build over 100 attractions, and even hire Disney characters to entertain the guests. Disneyland and Disney World rides are the actual attractions. This is a huge game with plenty of content. Gameloft also does the non-Disney glacial period Village and this game feels tons like that one.

4. Disney Heroes

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode may be a mobile fighter with some adventure and gacha elements. A team of Disney characters is collected by the players to use them to battle against evil. The game features twenty-five heroes, a bunch of missions and side quests, a story to play through, and character upgrades. It is a standard gacha battle game. You have likely played games like this before.

5. Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight is one of the foremost popular Marvel games immediately. It’s an action-RPG with some gacha elements. You can collect over 170 Marvel characters from various parts of the Marvel-verse, including Guardians of the Galaxy, Inhumans, Defenders, X-Men, Spider-Man, etc. The mechanics are typical of mobile RPGs so there are no surprises there. There is also a web PvP mode, a bunch of character customizations, and a few social elements also.

6. Marvel Puzzle Quest

This is another popular Marvel game that isn’t too wrecked by in-app purchases. It plays like most match-three combat games. You get a board with a bunch of shapes and you re-arrange the shapes to make combos. These cause damage to the bad guys while they periodically deal damage. Mobile RPG, gacha, and adventure elements are also featured by the game.

7. Pac-Man

Pac-Man: Ralph Breaks the Maze may be a crossover between the venerable Pac-Man and therefore the Wreck-It Ralph movies. It’s a retro arcade game a bit like the first Pac-Man but with Disney characters from the Wreck-It Ralph movie. One may collect the dots, eat food, chase ghosts, and avoid being hit by the ghosts. The swipe gesture controls are easy to learn and work well most of the time.

8. Play Disney Parks

Play Disney Parks is a unique game. You’re not alleged to play the sports reception, but rather at a Disney park. Some of the games are available reception also just in case you would like some Disney fun without leaving the house. It uses location technology to open up mini-games once you are near (or in line for) various attractions. The games include quizzes, puzzle games, and other small things to stay you and therefore the kids occupied while you hang around.

9. Star Wars

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is one of the foremost popular Star Wars games on mobile immediately. It plays a lot like Marvel Future Fight. It is a mobile RPG with fighter and gacha mechanics. You collect various characters from the Star Wars universe, battle against bad guys, and have interaction in online PvP action.

10. Disney develops

Disney develops tons of its own games and there are several oldies on mobile that aren’t half bad. Some of the titles include Where’s My Water 1 and a couple of, Disney Dream Treats, Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, and over a dozen Episode games of varying competence and quality. Disney also publishes under the Disney Publishing Worldwide name on Google Play where they have an extra half a dozen games approximately.

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