Delicious Vape juice is a must-have liquid ingredient in every e-cigarette. So the ingredients that make up an electronic cigarette, although not directly a part of the apparatus, essential oil is an indispensable part of the vape, it creates the taste when smoking, stimulating your taste buds. Essential oils are substances integrated from nature, sweet flavors like vanilla oranges, or you like the coolness of lemon, mint, …

Essential oils are the aromatherapy associated with e-cigarettes, without vape juice is just a machine nothing more and no less, although it is possible that modern techniques will be used to replace essential oils with Other things, but at least now vape essential oil is the spirit of the e-cigarette plant.

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15 kinds of delicious Vape Juice & E-Liquids on the market

1. Delicious Vape juice Malaysia Bog Monster Blackcurrant 100ml (Black Grape Flavor)

Attracting a large number of vape followers, Bog Monster is a formidable competitor in the world of genuine essential oils, not only in the Malaysian market but also in Vietnam, the product is also quite popular, as well as in the vaper community. In the world. Favored for its flavor of black currant (blackcurrant) with sweet, elegant and cool scent. Product weight 3mg, 100ml. Unique outer shell, eye-catching colors, a combination of gold and black colors bring a luxurious elegance but no less “play quality”. When using this delicious Vape juice, you will feel the rich scent of black grapes right at the tip of your tongue, extremely attractive and “addictive”.

2. Genuine American Vape Essential Oil (caramel and malt flavor)

It can be said that this is the most popular product today when continuously leading in many nominations, the number of products sold in out of stock status. You will be impressed by the taste of Beard No 24 the first time you use it, the feeling it gives is hard to describe when it is so special. The caramel-flavored product combined with the malt sweetness will definitely bring an unforgettable feeling. With a PG / VG ratio: 70% PG / 30%, Nicotine: 3mg is made in the United States. This is probably one of the most popular product lines that you cannot ignore.

3. Malay T oil honeydew 60ml 3mg (melon the cold)

A follow-up nomination is the Malay T Honeydew essential oil with a capacity of up to 60ml, 3mg. This product has attracted a large number of users, accounting for a relatively high market share in the essential oils vape, is considered a current trend. With sweet melon flavor combined with a refreshing cold feeling, this is a product line that can quit smoking.

4. Malaysia Bog Monster Honeydew Vape Essential Oil 100ml (melon flavor)

According to the stream of events, we will return to Malaysia, which is still a melon but comes from a different brand. Honeydew 100ml – Malaysia Vape Essential Oil has a capacity of 100ml. Vape essential oil has a fruity scent of melon fruit that is sweet and fragrant, with a very smooth taste of 3mg.

5.Vape Malaysia Essential Oil Flurty Grape Vape Ultra 60ml (micro grapes)

If you are a fan of Bog Monsters then you should not ignore this product. Another product from Malaysia of ultravape company, the sweet grape flavor combined with the cold feeling creates a combination of cool when smoking.

6. Watermelon Strawberry Icy Fruity Salt 100ml

As a card from Icy Fruity Salt brand, Watermelon Strawberry possesses a sweet, cool, watermelon scent that helps you find relaxing moments after a long tiring day.

7. Watermelon Strawberry

Is an American freebase essential oil product that combines watermelon with a mild sour taste from strawberries to create a very unique and refreshing taste of the fruit.

8. Mango Banana Cush Man – Nasty Juice E-Liquid – 60ml

Nasty has never been a disappointment to the followers when it continuously released vape juice with extremely attractive fruit scent. Mango Banana Cush Man is a combination of two flavors of mango and banana, creating an unforgettable taste.

9. JUPITER (Strawberry Cream Cheese) – THE MYTH VAPOR – 60ML

JUPITER (Strawberry Cream Cheese) is the next candidate to participate in the TOP 15 Vape Essential Oils nominated by Vapor Shop. The rich strawberry ice cream blends with the rich aroma of cheese to awaken your taste buds.

This freebase essential oil will be suitable for high volume vapes that create a denser smoke.

10. BAD BLOOD (Cold Black Grape Blueberry) – NASTY JUICE E-LIQUID – 60ML

BAD BLOOD (cold black currant blueberry) is a taste that is both strange and familiar. Grapes are one of the favorite choices of users, the aroma is sweet but not harsh, slowly settling in the mouth, for this product is also a combination of blueberries and black currants, great taste.

The cool taste makes you feel more refreshed after you smoke. This delicious fruity vape essential oil will make your breath fresh, and you will confidently communicate with the lingering grape scent.

11. Pear Peach Icy Fruity Salt 100ML

Pear Peach is a new nomination in the list of 15, the choice of Icy Fruity Salt. Pear Peach’s smell is not too new but not as popular as grape or strawberry, with a special recipe, Pear Peach essential oil deserves glory that makes people fall in love.

Synthesizing and recommending some nicotine salt essential oils

12. Delicious Naked 100 salt Vape essential oil

As a phenomenon in the Vaper community for a long time, it has never disappointed anyone who likes vape. Naked offers salt nic essential oils and tropical fruit flavors, no matter what the scent this brand has had a foothold on for a long time.

13. Dinner Lady Salt

For Dinner Lady, I would like to nominate 3 outstanding essential oils: cola shades, blackberry crumble and lemon tart. The rich flavor these products deliver is undeniable.

14. Super Salt

The strength of super salt is that natural essential oils such as fruit or mint flavor, they want to bring a sense of freshness and explosion to the user.

15. I Love salt

Keeping up with the trend, Mad Hatter has also launched a line of products with high concentrations of nicotine, which are delicious. With flavors that have made names such as: Sweet Tobacco, Spearmint Gum, Strawberry Candy, Grappleberry, Fruit Cereal, … I love salt delicious Vape essential oil has a rich taste that you should choose.

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