Top 5 Amazing Teeth Whitening Facts You Should Know Now!

Top 5 Amazing Teeth Whitening Facts You Should Know Now!

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The best dentist in Nagpur says that the frequently asked questions by maximum patients are regarding teeth whitening. The most common reply to what improvement they need with their smile is whiter and brighter. 

We know that the very first impression that we make on others is with our smile. So everyone aims for a whiter and brighter smile. Many things and health factors result in the discolouration of our teeth, making our smile dull. 

So if you are considering teeth whitening to aim for a whiter and brighter smile, here are the five facts you should know about the procedure. 

Top 5 Amazing Teeth Whitening Facts You Should Know Now!

  1. Reason For Teeth Discolouration:

There are numerous reasons for your teeth to have changed colour. The most common reason for discolouration is the consumption of food items. If you drink red wine, coffee, tea, then your teeth’ enamel will lose colour. These beverages contain pigments that get attached to your teeth’ enamel. Smoking also leads to discolouration as tar and nicotine present in tobacco result in brown and yellow stains on teeth. 

Age is another factor that leads to the discolouration of teeth. With age, the outer enamel starts to thin and the inside yellow dentin tends to come out and show more. 

If you are under some medication, that also leads to discolouration of teeth. Consuming antibiotics, having high blood pressure, or going chemotherapy also causes discolouration of teeth. 

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These are the times when you will want to consider teeth whitening. 

  1. Procedure Of Teeth Whitening:

Teeth Whitening is a bleaching process that includes the usage of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. Applying these products results in oxidation that helps break down the staining agents resulting in teeth whitening. 

  1. Options For Teeth Whitening:

The best dentist in Nagpur suggests that teeth whitening should be done at the hands of professional dental care. When you visit a dental clinic for teeth whitening, they make sure that your gums are protected from getting exposed to these agents, or else they may get destroyed by this process. Professional dental clinics use special light and laser to enhance the treatment of whitening. The process usually takes one and a half hours and results in whitening your teeth up to ten shades. 

Other options for teeth whitening are:

  • Using Teeth Whitening Strips:

Whitening strips available are a less expensive method for teeth whitening that can be done at home only. The strips consist of a material coated with hydrogen peroxide. Wearing the strip for half an hour at a time twice in two weeks will do the magic. 

The drawback of these whitening strips is that they are designed for people with a perfectly straight smile. So you have an uneven alignment of teeth; these strips won’t do their magic correctly and can leave uneven spots on your teeth. Also, with the uneven alignment of teeth, it would be difficult to seal the strips correctly. 

  • Using Whitening Trays:

The usage of whitening trays to whiten your teeth is a more expensive method than whitening strips. But whitening strips are more effective in teeth whitening than whitening strips or toothpaste, says the best dentist in Nagpur. The process is to fill the tray with gel and wear the tray either for half an hour or maybe overnight for several days together. 

However, the difficulty with these trays is that the tray kits may have trays that won’t fit your teeth properly and may be uncomfortable to wear. So if your dentist suggests you wear these trays, they may custom fit the tray as per your teeth alignment, resulting in less gel and a more comfortable fit. 

  • Using Toothpaste & Rinses For Teeth Whitening:

The most inexpensive method of teeth whitening is the use of whitening toothpaste and rinses. A lot of toothpaste is readily available in the market. These toothpaste contain abrasives that help remove stains in the teeth. Toothpaste and rinses take a long time to show the effect on teeth and make teeth whiter by one or two shades. But the effect of these is not everlasting like the other teeth whitening methods. 

  1. Teeth Whitening Not Suitable For All Teeth Types:

The Teeth Whitening process doesn’t work for all teeth. Primarily teeth that are yellow respond to bleach well. Brown teeth respond a little less. And other colours like purple or grey may not respond only. The whitening agents probably won’t work if your discolouration is due to other health issues or teeth injury. 

Whitening agents also don’t work on caps, fillings, crowns, etc. 

  1. Teeth Whitening Side Effects:

The possible side effect of teeth whitening is sensitivity, as the whitening agent can penetrate through the enamel irritating the tooth’s nerve. As it is a short-term effect, you can again apply it once the effect goes off. 

Read all the instructions and directions of use correctly, or consult your dentist before trying these applications at home. 

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The best dentist in Nagpur recommends always consulting a dentist before you start with the teeth whitening process. Since the process depends upon the condition and colouration of your teeth, the dentist will give proper advice if you should go for the process. Because if you don’t follow the process properly you may end up damaging your gums and land into other problems. 

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