Top 5 Cyber Security Tips To Keep Hackers Away


Beware of hackers! Avoid disclosing your personal information to anyone; people never know how they can misuse it. From the financial transaction to the personal and company data, protecting them from hackers is foremost.

Imran Ahmad a Canadian cyber-security lawyer is assisting the organizations with the cyber preparedness, working for the public security he focuses on the insider threats that can damage the organization employees, customer, clients, or reputation. Imran Ahmad has worked with many clients assisting them to develop strategies related to the cyber-crime and data breaches securing them from a loss.

Assets Policy:

Every organization needs to restrict the usage of the data by all of the employees. Assigning a key role is better and limits the access of every file. Data are more endangered when people are working remotely, in this case, access cannot be given to the limited file. 

Time to time data monitoring is required, what data is received, and what is sent to the outsiders. There are several policies required to maintain privacy with a third party contractor. Portables storage devices should not be allowed within the organization.

Use Encrypted File:

When people transfer the file, file moves to the different networks before reaching the destination that allows the hacker to view your sensitive data. Make the file encrypted. These files use the algorithms that convert the file in an unreadable form to all the other networks, except the receiver. Make the file safe from the scammer, who can misuse the information even against you.

Use of VPN:

Companies are moving to a more secure network that is a virtual private network where files are moved within the limited connection, making it more secure as compared to the public network. Having the IP addresses of VPN server your information personal, data, and the location is protected and it is not visible to the preying eye.

Using the public Wi-Fi network at the café, or the airport is not safe, someone else may be watching your activity, people are not aware of the service provider details, it is always recommended to use the VPN, to hide the information from others.

Beware of your friend list:

Many people want to expand their social circle and many are eager to make new friends, even at the social media sites, without actually knowing them. Being social is an important aspect of human life, but don’t overdo that.

People accept the friend request of strangers without having any idea of their background; many create the fake profile just to get the information of another person, many falls for the honey trap. Be careful while accepting the friend request.

Use the mobile safely:

Mobile stealing is a common problem in public places. How secure is your device? Make it a password-protected, so that even it is stolen, no one can use the data. Update the anti-virus frequently, and never install the apps that are not required. Never store any password, personal information on the phone.

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