This year you are going to be original and you are going to give him something that no one else in the world will have. An original gift made by you.

 For her. You will only have to buy the materials, but the shape is going to be given by you and, above all, you are going to save queues and stress.

Here are some ideas to surprise gift for fiancé or surprise gifts for best friends then 5 original ideas to give your best friend and surprise them on his or her special days.

1. Box of the 5 senses

If you are thinking of a really authentic gift, this is a very good option. But what to put in a gift box for a friend? We know, the possibilities are endless, so we recommend this option that will stimulate all your senses with love. In a box we will put

Photos (view)

Sweets (taste)

Perfume (smell)

Plush (touch)

And a record (heard)

Now that you have the idea, you are ready to start! She is your best friend so it will not cost you to guess. If you do, nothing will ever separate you.

2. A collage of your best photos

Surely you have hundreds of photos with your best friend, right? Find the funniest and make a collage that can hang in the room. If you have known

 each other for a long time, you can look for photos from past years or even childhood, and combine them with more current ones. Here we give you more ideas. There ‘s nothing you can do more enthusiasm!

3. A marathon of series or movies

gifts for friends

If you are looking for surprise gifts online ideas for a friend, a marathon of her favorite series or movies is the key. There is nothing that gives more pleasure

 than sharing with your best friend a series that you both love. We are going to find a box and we are going to fill it with popcorn, the DVDs in question and your favorite drink. With this original gift you cannot fail.

4. Remind her why she is your best friend.

There is nothing more beautiful than words full of feeling. The one that makes you stay together until the end. We are going to write you the reasons for that wonderful friendship to create a gift that will touch your heart. Write down the things you like about her on a piece of paper, and roll them up like parchment. In a nice box, write “100 things I like about you”,

and put all the papers inside. He will love it!

5. A book of your stories

Can you imagine being able to give your friend her own book? We love this gift because it is so easy to make and it is really special.

Choose a trip or a moment in your life that you have lived intensely and collect it in a photo book. We also recommend that you add texts to give it

 more book format: the lyrics of your favorite song, that phrase that makes you laugh so much, a dedication, anecdotes, etc.  It is a gift that you will keep for a lifetime and one more reason to remember your history. A friends album is the typical one that people do like to see after eating.

So all these options of gifts are best for your friends to gift on many occasions you can gift them as a surprise gifts for birthday, engagement gifts & many more purposes.

Additional: If you have a budget, then you can gift diamond rings to your close friends or family members.

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