Top 5 Islands to Visit around the Maldives


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Anyone who has the chance to visit one of the more popular islands will have a first-hand experience of how amazingly diverse and beautiful this archipelago is. The Maldives Islands are a collection of over 1200 tropical islands which span the entire Indian Ocean, hence why there are so many to choose from! However, do not fear as this article will provide you with some top destinations that will have you set your sights on another Island paradise! On your next trip remember to pack as much as possible as these island resorts don’t always have everything you might need on-site. Additionally, they often carry limited varieties of food and drinks. Here are the top 5 islands from the Maldives that will have your eyes smiling by the end of it all!

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1. Thimarafushi Island, Maldives

As a beautiful getaway into the warm waters surrounding this tiny island retreat in the north of the Maldives, Thimarafushi is a great place to escape and let yourself be lulled to sleep in its luscious serene atmosphere. While this is originally a honeymoon island, couples flock to visit this place for its romantic setting. As the island gets closer to the northern hemisphere, its four seasons change creating a different atmosphere each season. However, these seasons are short which only creates the need to stay at Thimarafushi for at least one day.

2. Male Atoll, Maldives

Male Atoll is one of the smaller islands that you’ll find in the Maldives and almost has no beaches. However, Male Atoll does have an incredible sunning beach that sits between Hilton and Baa Atoll. Easily reached using a taxi boat, this place is great for tourists who might want to get out and see some of the island’s wildlife and scenery along with an amazing tan!

3. Baa Atoll, Maldives

This stunning island of the Maldives is home to the capital city Male which is filled with historical buildings and monuments. Baa Atoll has a very close-knit population which means that most places are owned by families. This helps to create a sense of community and helps tourists feel like they are in the Maldives! Though this island is small in size, it is so rich in culture. It’s also an excellent place for divers, honeymooners, and anyone who wants to get away for a bit.

4. Niyama Island, Maldives

Niyama Island is an absolute paradise that will have you experiencing the beauty of the Maldives that you may not have known existed! This resort provider has some of the most stunning resorts available in the Maldives. With only an hour’s flight to Male, Niyama Island is easily accessible for anyone looking for luxury accommodation. For the adventurous traveler, Niyama Island will bring you to the far-flung reaches of coral islands — which are found in depths of up to 4000 feet! This allows divers to see some incredible coral reefs which are completely encrusted with marine life.

5. The Spa at Vaca Mola, Maldives

Last but not least, The Spa at Vaca Mola is a resort in the Maldives that has been specifically designed for couples! These luxury villas have been created with love and care using recycled wood from old ships and aircraft. They also have a great pool area which is perfect for those who wish to escape and relax. This place is absolutely heavenly and will leave you feeling like.

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