Top 5 Simpsons Episodes of All Time



The Simpsons have some of the funny cartoon characters to grace our television screens.  There’s a general consensus that seasons three to eight were the best period of The Simpsons,  but which episodes are the most enjoyable?  

22 Short Films About Springfield – Season 7, Episode 21 

This is the episode that features the famous “steamed hams” line that became a popular meme in  2017. The plot is pretty self-explanatory; viewers are treated to 22 segments that tell a different story based on characters that live in Springfield. It’s basically TikTok in TV form. Perfect if you have a limited attention span. 

A Fish Called Selma – Season 7, Episode 19 

Washed-up TV star Troy McClure has his time to shine on this episode, finding love with one of  Marge’s sisters, Selma. What he fails to tell her, is that their love is solely a publicity stunt. But ‘A  Fish Called Selma’ is arguably most famous for the ridiculous yet hilarious “Planet of the Apes”  musical McClure stars in during the episode. 

Last Exit to Springfield – Season 4, Episode 17 

It’s the episode where Homer joins the workers union at Springfield’s Nuclear Power Plant in order to receive a free dental plan so Lisa can get braces. This episode is full of hilarious misunderstandings with lines as good as some of the lyrics from Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly

Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part 1) – Season 6, Episode 25 

Cliffhangers are a rare inclusion in The Simpsons, with Matt Groening tying off each story nicely by the end of the episode. But when the series took on a whodunnit storyline, leaving questions unanswered was too tempting to resist. ‘Who Shot Mr. Burns?’ Is a take on the famous “Who shot  J.R.?” storyline from Dallas, which is often regarded as one of the greatest twists in TV history. 

Marge vs. the Monorail – Season 4, Episode 12: 

In this episode, Springfield votes to install a monorail system after a seemingly trustworthy development tycoon sings a song about the single-railed mode of transport in a town meeting.  Somehow, Homer is employed as the monorail driver and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Happy watching!

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