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The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected the design industry and brought innumerable innovations to reality. In light of the current scenario, the Future Factory, a leading product design company, in collaboration with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Western Region organized its 6th virtual edition of the CII Innovation Ecosystem Summit. 

This summit witnessed the launch of the leading product design company’s Trend Report – Shape Of Future. Ms. Geetika Kambli, the Co-Chair, and Managing Partner of the Future Factory took this opportunity to highlight the top five trends of 2022 and brought many significant facets that affect the consumer’s behavior, technological decisions, and work culture into the light. 

The 5 big trends to ponder upon in this post-pandemic world 

  1. NineToFive – There has been a smooth transition from full-time employment to remote, freelance, and contract-based work commitments. This gradual shift has called for a new work culture where the working hours are restricted from nine to five. The earlier ways of learning and working are long gone. It seems like finally peaceful work environments will be the face of companies in and post 2022. 
  1. TheBigSwitch – Climate change is happening for real. Unfortunately, the planets are heating up, glaciers are melting, and the day is not far where necessities like food and water will be scarcely available. Keeping these factors in mind, and hoping for better lives, adopting renewable energy sources looks like the safest option. 
  1. HumanisingTech – Let’s accept it – the Big Tech is here to stay. Running away from it is next to impossible, solely because it has become a quintessential part of our daily lives. Having said that, making advancements in humanizing technology, and coming up with innovative creations is certain. 
  1. SocialReset – Unending lockdowns, and restriction reminders have compelled us to rethink our daily routines, and how we are living our lives. Many have found their true inner selves, while some of us are still striving to create our own identities, to be socially active, and to think about our existing relationships. The entire world has been put on a “social reset” mode, and chances are that it might stay that way for quite some more time. 
  1. LiquidLives – With the digitalization of payments going on in full swing, many recent technological developments have been made into retail payment, entertainment, and other sectors. Innovators and scientists are putting their heads together to come up with adaptable methods of bridging the gap between the virtual and real worlds. 


That is not all! Apart from these top 5 trends to expect in the years ahead of humankind, many honorable dignitaries present at this virtual summit shared their perspectives and added their creative ideas too to strengthen the product design company’s trend report analysis and come to definite conclusions. 
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