When planning for a party, have you ever tried transforming an everyday time into something way special, and told yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” If you’re searching for tips on how you can give your child the best party of his life, we’ve compiled in this article some party hacks that reconstruct the ordinary with a touch of creativity. 

Planning the best birthday party for your kid can be overwhelming, so consider some of these clever and practical birthday party hacks. 

Fill the Place With Balloons 

Balloons are one of the best birthday party hacks. They are cheap, fun, colourful, and can serve as everything from decorations to party favours. In fact, kids of all ages love having them. Today, DIY balloon kits have been more available, equipped with a helium tank, and floating balloons have been more accessible to DIY party hosts. 

The price of them, together with the shortage of helium, however, has resulted in a lot of creative ways to utilize balloons that are inflated the traditional way. Do you want them to look as if they are magnificently floating? You can hang them on your ceiling! Want a nice backdrop for your photo booth or dessert station? You can stick some colourful group of balloons to the wall or table. 

You can build and decor almost anything using a bunch of fun and colourful balloons. The party details can be written on those inflated balloons and hand-deliver those balloon-invitations to your party guests. For your food table centrepiece, balloons can be used too. For the party games, you can think of ways on how you can use it and even included the balloons as favours to kids after the party. 

Make the Ice Cream Serving Part Easier 

You want the party to be as smooth as possible, so don’t get the hassle and mess of serving ice cream in the wrong way, especially out of the container. Instead, place scoops of ice cream into a muffin tin (cupcake liners make it easier with the serving) freeze and serve individual scoops with cake. 

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Create Digital Invitations 

Most of us are so grateful to be present in this digital age. One of the advantages of being in this digital world is how sending a birthday invitation is as simple as pushing a button. You may use a service, like an e-vite, that creates and sends the invitations for you or make a Facebook event to give notifications for your guests or even send a simple text message to invite more people to your event. 

If you’re conventional, by any means, just opt for the actual paper-by-mail invitation, however, if you’re aiming for a faster and easier way to make invitations, go for the digital one. 

Use the Character-Theme Hack 

If your kid is in love with Moana, Superman, or Spiderman, but don’t have enough cash for themed-party supplies, here’s something you can do. Buy groups of stickers from your child’s favourite characters and stick them on plain cups or blown-up balloons for instant decoration. Aside from that, include stickers in your favour bags, or hand them out to guests who will arrive at the event. But if you’re saving some money for another surprise for your kid, there’s no problem in getting superhero entertainers from a kid’s party entertainment. The kids will surely remember that moment in their entire life. 

Have Your DIY Photobooth 

Photo 360 booth in parties really work well, right? We can all agree to that. But here’s a hack, you don’t actually need a professional photographer with a real booth, all you need to have is a great backdrop, some fun props, and a camera of your own. And it seems that everyone is carrying a cell phone with them with a quality camera, they can take a snap some photos of themselves.

When it comes to the outdoor setting, look for an area where nature provides a picturesque backdrop. On the other hand, if the setting is indoors, you may use balloons, plastic tablecloths, or streamers to make a backdrop you like against a wall. You can go to Pinterest to look for super cool DIY photo booth ideas. 

Include the Staple Face Painting 

Of course, the best birthday party must always include a face painting! Kids love them, they love art. If you’re planning to have this at your party, you got two options: hire someone else to do it or ask a parent to volunteer for the job or the other option is make it a DIY. This may sound easy at first, all you have to do is buy face painting kit and wait for the kids to line up. But the thing is, do you really know how to paint a design on a face? We’re sure that’s not as easy as it sounds! 

Good thing is, face stamping is one of those DIY hacks not everyone knows about. Yes, you might tell yourself why you didn’t even think of it! You can actually buy foam stamps in different shapes, dip them in the paint and press them on the face to come up with the ideal design. You can also use stamp designs from the nearest craft store in your face, along with face paint or washable stamp-pad-ink. Most importantly, make sure that the stuff you’re buying is all non-toxic. 

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