Top 6 Tips To Land An Admin Job That Checks All The Boxes

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According to the most recent data, there were more than two million jobs in Sydney in 2016, of which more than 1.5 million were permanent and more than 7 lakh were freelance or temporary. More than 7 lakh more people now work in Sydney than there were ten years ago, mostly in western Sydney. Any business needs an administrative assistant. Gaining your foot in the door can open up various fascinating options, from handling office logistics to organising meetings and speaking with staff at all levels. These entry-level jobs are excellent starting points for careers in human resources or office administration. This post explains how to land one of the many administration jobs in Sydney at a reputable company if you’re looking for the ideal entry-level position.

Strengthen Your Linkedin Profile

LinkedIn has emerged as a go-to source for firms looking to screen potential employees. Ensure you stand out favourably by doing the following things to create an attention-worthy profile quickly:

  • Create a headline that uniquely conveys your subject-matter expertise and persona.
  • So that recruiting supervisors would know who to expect, including a picture. Of course, you should look your best professional self in the picture.
  • Create a profile that showcases your top qualities and includes crucial search terms that hiring managers might use.
  • Include unique referrals from former supervisors and colleagues.
  • Show contacts outside of your family and friends that are diversified.
  • Show that you participate in online forums.
  • For recruiters to locate you, don’t forget to set your profile open.

Watch Out For Positions In Booming Industries

If you’re not sure what kind of company you want to work for, look for positions in sectors where admin assistants are in need to start your job search. These include finance, healthcare, real estate, manufacturing, and technology. After that, focus your search on organisation size, region, and primary functions.

Show How Significant You Were In Your Last Workplace

According to a survey, 94% of the participating senior managers indicated their administrative professional was crucial to their success in the workplace. Therefore, in your cover letter for an administrative assistant position, be sure to mention how you’ve facilitated the work of your superiors and contributed to their successes.

Sign-Up With A Boutique Recruitment Agency Near You

Boutique recruitment agencies can be an incredible opportunity if you get an admin assistant job in an organisation and location you prefer. Because these agencies have access to the industry’s biggest and best opportunities, you would have more options to play around with. In addition, cities like Sydney are a hub of recruitment agencies hiring across sectors and ranks.

Demonstrate Your Command Of Current Technology

According to a poll conducted by the office team, new technology has affected the duties of administrative assistants the most over the past year, according to 48% of senior managers questioned. This calls for you to express your ability to keep up with emerging technologies in addition to showcasing your essential software aptitude. List the exact versions of each software you have used, along with your level of proficiency.

Analyse Your Soft Skills

Administrative assistant positions require soft skills, including a positive attitude, time management proficiency, communication expertise, and organisational skills. Ensure your cover letter prominently displays these qualities, and be ready to discuss them in the interview.

Summing Up

The support that administrative assistants give to corporate teams is crucial. Demand for administration jobs in Sydney has significantly increased across all industries over the past few years. Consequently, a world of opportunities has just become available to you. If you use the tips in this post, you may be assured that you’ll get the job that checks all the boxes.

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