One thing that keeps the Android users stick to Android is its amazing Apps. But there only a chosen few apps that can transform your phone experience. This can be theme apps, Customization Apps, Widget Apps and best of all keyboard apps. And the good news for Android users is that the play store has a plethora of amazing Keyboard Apps.

But sometimes too many choices can be chaotic. Finding that right app for you can be a bit tricky. And for that very reason here is a list of the 10 best Keyboard apps that are ideal for all kind of users. You are just a few simple steps away from finding the right Keyboard app for you.

1.      SWIFTKEY

A powerful keyboard app that keeps up to its popularity with regular updates. Swiftkey has made its name as one of the best keyboard apps on Androids. This is also one of the oldest players when it comes to keyboard apps on the play store.  Some of Swiftkey’s most outstanding features include its forecasts and autocorrects, range of themes, options for customization, sharing of accounts, and much more. It is not just the features but the algorithms behind the features that make Swiftkey one of the best keyboard apps. Other than that the amazingly powerful machine learning of the app also allows it to learn and predict your typing style.

Do we this decent keyboard a try if you want haven’t already.

2.      GBOARD

Pretty sure every android user has used this keyboard app at least once as GBoard is the default keyboard app that you get with the phone.

Gboard is a pretty straightforward and very easy to use the keyboard. And the quality of the app can also not be questioned. Although it might not be as feature-rich as some of the other keyboard we have in line for you. The features it does have work pretty darn good. That doesn’t mean all it does is type though. GBoard comes with most of the essential functions you look in a Keyboard. There are various designs to choose from and a lot of ways for users to personalize their keyboards. It also has pretty powerful algorithms when it comes to suggestions, auto-correct, spell-check, and so on. Users often do not change the keyboard. I know I didn’t for years. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with sticking with one GBoard it wouldn’t be wise to just use that and not trying any other option.


Fleksy takes pride in calling itself “the globe’s quickest keyboard”. We can’t really confirm that but it is a pretty easy and powerful keyboard app. Fleksy’s outstanding features include its amazing auto-correct, auto-suggests, keyboard themes, various extensions and so on. In addition to that, many small but useful features of the app include emoji suggest, glide typings, sparklers add-on (it draws little fireballs to the dials and voices of the keyboard).

Fleksy machine learning algorithms and quick and more precise than most keyboards.

4.      CHROOMA

Chrooma is another brilliant keyboard app that I love on the list. Correctly named after the nature of the keyboard Chrooma adjusts colour depending on the software that you’re using. This small but quick keyboard app has a range of useful features. Some of those useful features include emoji, figures, and recommendations.

In addition to that, It also allows users to click ever further left to erase entire words or phrases. Although to get your hands on the premium version of this app you will have to spend your pretty pennies worth $9.99. The premium is the way to go if you want to have a flashy keyboard aesthetic, size, typeface. It also synchronizes your typing recommendations and configuration on various devices.

Chrooma’s free version is good too for regular use but if you are someone who uses more than one phone or change phones quickly than spending those few bucks is definitely worth it. 


Slash Keyboard is not a keyboard app that just helps you with your typing. Among its various other features comes its use as a browser. Despite its variety of feature what I like about the app is that it doesn’t look cluttered like various other apps of its kind.

You can use Slash keyboard as the browser for common services such as Google, Twitter, Giphy, Wikipedia, and several others. To browse all you need to do is type ‘/’ and instructions for browsing will pop up. So all those times when you were chatting and couldn’t understand something is solved.

Along with this Slash Keyboard is equipped with all basic keyboard app functionalities that most users expect from their keyboards. 


Touchpal is quite a decent keyboard. The developers boast of the keyboard’s ease of use and the variety of features it possesses. One of the features of this keyboard app that stood out to me was its contextual estimate. As you are typing a word the letters you are most probable to click next will emerge. With time its predicting feature gets even stronger.

Other features of TouchPal includes big emoji/GIF library, Auto-correct, Keyboard themes, Auto-check and so on. If you are looking for a keyboard to type for you Touchpal is one of the best options out there.

7. Bobble

I saved my personal favourite for the last. My favourite thing about this app is the ability it gives its users to customize their keyboards. Bobble is also a great app if you want to personalize your chats with personalized stickers and Gifs.

So since I was talking about all these amazing keyboard apps. I also thought of helping my Malayalam speaking friends on the internet. Found this great Malayalam Keyboard App that fits the bill of being one of the best Malayalam Keyboard apps on the play store. Do try and let me know.

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