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Why Investing in an EHR Software is Necessary for 2021

If you are currently wondering about whether or not getting dental EHR software is a good idea then we want to help you make this decision. In this piece, we will be exploring several EHR software options that you should definitely consider for your dental practice.

From helping you with scheduling to patient portals where your patients can easily communicate with you; Dental EHR software can help you do it all! In this piece we will tell you about several EHR options for dental software; from OneTouch EMR to RxNT; we will give you a brief idea of everything these software do. So you can hopefully choose a software which is the right fit for you! 

OneTouch EMR

One of the most convenient aspects of OneTouch EMR is the fact that it can be used on any device out there; from an iPad to your android phone. Having an EHR software which can be used remotely and does not only work on one particular device is incredibly important in this virtual day and age. 

Another great feature of  OneTouch EMR is the patient portal which allows for patients to be able to communicate with you as well as for you to reduce some of the responsibility on your shoulders. This is because with the OneTouch EMR patient portal your patients can schedule their own appointments and also keep track of upcoming appointments for yourself. 

ACE Dental

After OneTouch EMR we want to tell you about ACE dental which as the name suggests is a very good option for a dental practice. One of the best features in this software is the option for both paper and electronic insurance claims. This helps simplify making claims and thus you can essentially make insurance claims within minutes. An important part of running a dental practice is taken care of in no time at all. 

The next feature in ACE dental which deserves a mention is the extensive reports feature that helps you make reports extensively for patients with the software. Since the templates are specialized, it is very easy to make accurate reports with it and not take too much time at all. 


RxNT is a very popular EHR software option and it makes a very suitable option for dental practices as well. With RXNT, you are able to do your medical billing with the software itself and do not have to worry about billing separately. With this software, you do not have to worry about errors or billing twice as it makes sure it checks for everything itself. 

Another great RXNT feature is the telemedicine feature which allows for you to be able to see patients virtually with video conferencing. This feature is especially helpful at times when patients are unable to come in; you do not have to deny them an appointment but can merely take it virtually. 


While software like OneTouch EMR might not be as well known as AthenaHealth, they still hold their own in comparison. But AthenaHealth is a giant in the industry with some great features. The software has a great appointment management feature that helps you figure out how to manage your appointments perfectly so that you are able to see the highest amount of patients in a day possible. 

The software also has a lab integration feature that has labs send test results directly to your software directly so that there is no lag. You get to see patient test results immediately with no issues in between.


Of course, eClinicalWorks was bound to make our list because of the various amazing features this software has. The patient charting feature in this software helps you to make patient charts incredibly easily so that you take no time at all when it comes to adding patient data. 

Another great thing about eClinicalWorks is that it is easily integrated with other software that are supplementary to your practice such as practice management software as well as billing software. 

Which Dental EHR we Recommend to you

We have outlined various features different EHR software have and are suitable for dental practices. Form OneTouch EMR to eClinicalWorks; you have your pick of software. However, we would advise that you ask for a demo of the software before you commit to fully ensure you are happy with your choice. 

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