Azerbaijan Visa for UK Citizens


Azerbaijan is a place that is famous for its fulfilling adventures and hot destinations. People from the UK are keen to visit Azerbaijan. You must know about the top destinations in Azerbaijan before you apply for the Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens. If you are wondering do I need a visa to Azerbaijan for short tours then the answer is YES. You need to get the Azerbaijan visa even if you are planning to stay in the country for one day. Here in this post, we have discussed the top places in Azerbaijan that you should visit.


Baku is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is the capital of Azerbaijan and you might have your flight land at Baku international airport if you are coming from the UK. In BAKU you can find different places to visit. From the Maiden towers to the Caspian Sea there are tons of attractive spots in this city. You just need to have a visa to Azerbaijan if you want to visit all the famous places. People especially apply for the Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens to see the flame towers and other historic places in the city.


The second most important destination that you need to visit in Azerbaijan is GANJA which is named after the famous 12th century poet NIZAMI GANJAVI. This city is around 350KMs drive from Baku. If you are fond of historic places and old architecture then you need to take this drive. You can find ancient mosques, churches, caravanserai, and houses constructed from bottles. Visa checking is quite strict in this city so you need to keep your UK visa for Azerbaijan citizens at all times. You can get information about this city from the embassy at the time you are applying for the Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens.


People who are interested in exploring pristine landscapes, mountain villages, and immersing cultures then you need to apply for a tourist visa to Azerbaijan and explore this city. This culture rich city is situated around 170 kms from the capital. The tenghi canyon, waterfalls, and the Caucasus Mountain are some of the highlights of this city. One having an Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens must have this city on their must visit places list.


If you are traveling to the south from Baku by the Caspian Sea then you have to visit the sleepy town of Lankaran. This small town is one of the favorite places of the locals as well as international travelers. You can visit the lighthouse, fortress, and memorial parks in the town while on your stay there. You need to keep a visa to Azerbaijan online on your phone at the time you are visiting the old prison of Lankaran. You can also see more than two hundred species of birds and the wildlife in the areas of this town. Azerbaijan visa for UK citizens is all that you need to visit all these famous destinations for tourism!

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