Group Purchasing


A good fashion style isn’t something a man attains by copying someone. Suiting up and buying whatever is trendy this season seems to be the easy road, but the actual uniqueness in style comes from knowing your needs and doing little things right.

So, how do you create the best version of yourself? Well, there are no set rules because what works for one may not work for another. However, I do have solid suggestions and full-proof tips that were once successfully implemented by gentlemen in the past and make sense till today. Let us begin.

  1. Be Confident

Your style has to do more about your confidence than anything else. A confident, positive-attitude man does not only engage with women well but also remember what he stands for in his mind. So, when you are in strong sync with your sense of purpose, you develop a great personality – and also a sensible fashion sense.

  • Prefer Quality Over Quantity

What good is a closet filled with ‘n’ number of items that do not fit you well or match each other? This is acceptable when you are young, but after attaining a certain age, you want to buy things that accentuate your personality, and you enjoy wearing them. Hence, aim for a minimalist and quality wardrobe.

  • Dress Up Maturely

Style is not just about your self-expression but also how you choose clothing pieces to suit the surroundings. You need to get right on the dressing codes and something that goes well with the setting you are in. So, move past your casual style and get yourself well-dressed to look mature and attractive.

  • Get the Right Fit

At home, you may enjoy wearing oversized or baggy fits, but remember the moment you step out, your outfit fitting is going to be the king. You don’t want to go super tight with your attires. Just get the fit that highlights your best physique features and looks perfect on your body.

  • Opt for Straight or Slim Fit Jeans

Low waist and loose jeans have no place in a mature man’s closet. They may be comfortable for casual wear but not presentable. Excessive distress in the material or big logos on the pocket is also a big no-no. Something simple, clean, and well-fitted is what is advised.

  • Say No to Graphic Tees

Everyone man admires his collection of graphic tees. But, to shed your image as a boy, it is essential to let go of your love for graphics, whether on your tees, hoodies, or pyjamas. To be stylish and polished, you have to look like a man and not a teen kid. Besides, every other man is sporting a graphic tee, so if you don’t want to blend into the crowd, go for solid t-shirts, striped tees, or henleys.

  • Upgrade Your Shoes

It is needless to mention that your shoes can make or break your entire impression. So, don’t hesitate in spending money on them. Look for versatile and high-quality pieces with a less fussy color, pattern, and sole. Keep them clean for a well-maintained look. Avoid canvas shoes and buy brogues, sporty sneakers, or loafers.

  • Buy Quality Belts

The belt is like a centerpiece that brings together your entire outfit. And full-grain leather material makes a good choice. Available in different colors, textures, and patterns, ‘sky is the limit’ for leather belt choices. Undoubtedly, they are a splurge for most men out there but worth each penny. My brother got his hands on handmade leather belts lately and has no regrets on the purchase whatsoever.