Top Family Resorts Near Bengaluru

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Growing up as a millennial, and living in your 20s makes you realize the importance of work-life balance. Working all throughout the week is tiresome which leaves too little space to invest in one’s social and personal life over the two days of weekend. Work and career are an aspect of one’s life just as family, friends, hobbies and self. There needs to be a balance among these aspects which are crucial for one’s well being. 

Angana Courtyard

Angana is the embodiment of old and new ages. Infrastructurally, the property is an old-style Bangalorean house made of wood and roofed with red tiles. At Angana, you can relax with your family, play games, read books or even hold small family functions. This is a picture-perfect location for wedding ceremonies. The homely feeling this place gives off is comforting and peaceful for the families. The guests can also have open barbecue nights in the backyard. The place is unlike the conventional resorts which provide a bunch of activities for their guests. Angana is the place where you come to relax, rejoice and re-energize with your family. The place has a rustic, antique look to it which will surely trigger your nostalgia. 

Shilhaandara Resort

The Shilhaandara resort is in the outskirts of Bengaluru, closer to Ramanagara district. It is one of the best resorts in Bangalore. This is a perfect location if you want to take a road trip with your family and for a family day out near Bangalore. It is under 50 km from Bengaluru offering a bunch of fun outdoor and indoor activities. This is the place where you will forget to check your phone as you will be busy making memories with your loved ones. The resort also includes a family day out packages which includes refreshments, meals, and access to activities. Relive your childhood by playing in the open pool, playing cricket, football, badminton, and whichever games run in your family. 

Nature Adventure Camp Resort 

Nature Adventure Camp Resort is special for sharing the experiences of wildlife with your family. You will encounter some of the best sunrises here while heading out towards an early morning safari. Experience nature and its raw beauty with your loved ones and relive it for years to come. The accommodations are jungle lodges, huts, cottages which provide a totally different environment from your house. This change of environment is crucial to strengthen the family bonds and help you grow together. 

Fiesta Resort

Most of the time, our cousins and their family live in other cities and barely meet them. Fiesta Resort poses as the best getaway and a meeting spot for extended families to meet and reconnect. Be it a family function or a 50th birthday celebration, due to its close proximity to Kempegowda Airport, the resort is an ideal fit for a family to reconnect and be away from Bangalore city. Its widespread open lawns are apt to conduct family get-togethers or even engage in outdoor activities. The resort is a well-furnished and well-maintained property that has a garden cafe and a bar. 

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Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp

If you are looking for an adventure with your family then there couldn’t be a better place than  Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp. The camp is suitable for families, team outings, trekkers, and nature lovers. This is a retreat where the guests are booked and busy with adventurous activities such as kayaking, trekking, cave explorations, zip-lining, rope line, coracle, zorbing ball, rock climbing, and many more. Since the resort is located right at the banks of the Cauvery River, it enhances the aesthetic of the location during sunsets as the golden sun rays fall perfectly on the carved Bheemeshwari hills and the green forest below. There is also a fishing camp inside the premises where you can spend quality quiet time with your loved ones while fishing. A visit to this adventure camp will definitely etch a memory in your children’s minds. Not only will they get to spend quality time with you but also learn about the diverse flora and fauna in the region. This trip is bound to instigate their interest in nature and traveling at an early age which will encourage them more to explore the world outside and not limit themselves to the virtual reality on the screens. 

Eagleton Golf Resort

Last but not the least, the Eagleton Golf Resort is a high-end resort that caters to golf enthusiasts and business negotiations. This is one of a kind of golf resort that also allows children to engage in golf and other outdoor activities. The resort provides separate kids’ play area where your child can play and you can happily focus on the business deals discussed knowing your child is safe and having a great time. You can easily join your family after business meetings and make memories of this beautiful green landscape without having to worry about taking them to another location. 

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