Top Five Characteristics of a Great Leader


Success or failure of any organization depends upon the leaders. They are the backbone of the organization. There are certain characteristics that every leader should possess.

Why does every organization work differently? Because every individual is different, they have unique characteristics and styles of working. Applying the skills differ in a different situation but the leader requires to know when and how to apply those skills. Apart from dedication, commitment, and direction, other skillsets are as follows:


A good leader makes the employees accountable for their actions. By doing so, employees take responsibility for the task and take the business operations more seriously.

The leaders reward them for every achievement, they give them recognition and a word of appreciation but at the same time, they make them aware of the mistake and provide them the ways and feedback to improve themselves.

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Positivity is just like the magic that impacts people to a great extent. Happy and satisfied employees give their best to achieve the goal. Reward them and take the time to celebrate success.

There are many organizations where leaders conduct the sessions just to discuss the performance and the grey areas where people require improvement. They are not bothered about the employee’s views and how much hard work they put in to achieve the target. In this case, the leader needs to change their approach and try to become more engaged with the employees.


Diplomacy is something that should not be perceived as a negative approach. There will be scenarios where the blunt response will not work rather they need to be tactful and diplomatic to behave in certain situations.

Diplomacy is an art and the leader knows how to deal in the conflicting situation with utmost cautious keeping in mind negotiations and sensitivity level of every individual. They have to be unbiased and respect the sentiments of everyone.


Leaders have the power but what impression will they leave on employees if they misuse their power, through tantrums and keep the ego at the tip of the nose. No one will ever want to work with the leader having this attitude.

They have to accept their mistakes, focus on constant learning, and improving. Above all share the credit and apologize for their mistakes.

Passion and Commitment:

Are you the one who enjoy the cup of coffee while playing the game at the mobile, then be ready to either face a lot of attrition or failure of your organization.

To make others work with dedication, you have to first work with the dedication and focus on the goal. Join your team with the task and help them wherever possible.

Lead by example, share with them your success story, a leader can earn the result if he works with the full commitment and passion.

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