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Why you Need an EMR for your Behavioral Health Practice 

If you are someone who is running a behavioral health practice then we are sure you must have noticed certain areas that you could definitely improve in. From scheduling appointments in a more efficient manner to being able to reduce some of the easy work load on your plate such as sending patients reminders for your appointments. 

In this piece we will be telling you about various EHR software that you should consider employing at your behavioral health practice so that you can relax and focus on your clients instead of always scrambling to do administrative related work. 

We will outline features of several software that you can choose from; from InSync EMR to Counsol EMR; we will tell you about the features in these software that shine so that you are able to come to a natural conclusion of what software would work best for you and the needs of your behavioral therapy practice in particular. 

Best Mental Health Related EMR for 2021 

Counsol EMR 

As the name suggests for this EMR, Counsol EMR is a very popular EMR software in the market for practices related to behavioral health and psychiatry. The features in this software have been designed to specifically cater to practices from these fields in particular. 

The first feature in Counsol EMR we want to highlight is the intake forms and templates you have access to through this software. You can essentially have access to a lot of choices and choose whatever you think suits you needs the best. You can also further customize these templates so that they fit the mould you have thought of even better. 

The second feature in this software that you should lookout for is the scheduling feature. If you have had issues in the past with a lot of no-shows and cancelations then this software will take care of it for you. With this software, you can have a waitlist feature which the software consults and adds in new appointments whenever one is canceled even if it was last minute! 

Insync EMR

InSync EMR is next on our list of software we want to tell you about. This software has a wonderful e-prescription feature which helps make things convenient and safer for both you and your patients. With the e-prescription feature your patient can collect their prescription directly from whatever pharmacy is most convenient to them. The software also alerts you about any negative drug interactions you should be warned about so when you are making prescriptions you can be mindful about everything. 

The billing feature in InSync EMR is also very convenient in how simple it makes everything for you and your patients. You charge capture patients at their first appointment with you so you do not bill them multiple times. All in all, the software helps you simplify billing as much as possible so that you do not end up making as many mistakes in billing and causing issues like one would expect to otherwise. 

Kareo EMR 

After InSync EMR, we have Kareo EMR which is a popular software for mental health related practices too because of how versatile it is. The software has a telehealth feature that allows for users to be able to conduct client appointments virtually through video calling. With the Covid-19 pandemic, this feature was a lifesaver. The feature allows for video conferencing appointments so that you can talk to your clients virtually instead of face to face. 

The scheduling feature in this software also keeps in mind the convenience and availability of both parties and helps schedule appointments in a way that enables you to be able to see as many clients in a day as possible so the entire day is as beneficial as can be for you! 


The fourth software in our list is AthenaOne which again has a lot of features which can benefit you. The template option in this software helps you to choose a template which is most suited to you and your needs. You can also customize the template further to make it so that it perfectly fits your needs as a practitioner. 

With the right template and customizations you can probably reduce the time it takes to enter client information by half or even more than half! 


The final software in our list for top behavioral health EMR for 2021 is AdvancedMD. This software also has a lot of wonderful features. The dashboard feature in this software enables you to be able to navigate through the various features in the software smoothly without feeling confused or agitated about a lag time. 

The AdvancedMD name is very popular in the EMR word for a reason; the software is very dependable and convenient to use. 

Which Behavioral Health EMR we Recommend to You

Now that we have told you about the various EMR software you could potentially choose from, we want you to come to a decision about which software to use by yourself. We suggest reading up on as many reviews as you can for whatever software you are leaning towards. 

Another way to choose a software is to look at all the features this software has and then comparing it to the features you would ideally want in a software so that you can choose the best possible option for yourself. 

We highly recommend asking the vendor for a demo of the software before you officially commit to it. For example, asking for an InSync EMR demo can also help you figure out whether or not this software is right for you. 

At the end of the day whether you choose InSync EMR or Counsol EMR; hopefully whatever decision you make will be right for you and help you run your mental health related practice as smoothly as possible! 

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