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Social Media Management Tools


Social media is a real-time game. Suitable content has to be up constantly as trends have a short life span. The number of content creators targeting social media is so high that it is challenging to be the first in anything. However, it is not impossible to stand out in the crowd.

A content manager’s job, especially for social media, is far more than just working with good content. They have to monitor the insights from the performance data. They must follow trends and know what content will get the most views.

Finally, they have to source and publish content that frequently goes viral. Leveraging social media marketing tools can be highly beneficial in such cases. 

Top Social Media Management Tools for All Kinds of Businesses

There are technological advancements everywhere, and social media is no different. There are now specialised tools for social media content management and marketing.

We have listed the top social media management tools for you to help with writing, publishing, and analytics. We hope this will give you the start to ease your social media duties while improving efficiency.


Later is a simple-to-use tool that helps manage all the top social media platforms. It combines the ability to plan posts, schedule them, publish content, and analyze trends. It automatically publishes on Instagram based on a pre-set schedule, saving time and effort.

It also enables content creation by discovering the relevant content online and customizing it to fit your social presence. The tool is optimized to generate traffic to your website and increase sales. It provides a comprehensive measurement suite to identify valuable insights.


If you are specifically looking for scheduling tools for your social media posts, look no further. CoSchedule provides a sophisticated marketing calendar to plan social media activity well ahead of time.

Not just that, CoSchedule also allows for seamless coordination between various teams in your company for managing your posts. The company organizes free demos on how to maximize your social media presence. The tool is available for a free trial before you can choose to buy a subscription.


NepoleonCat is a social media management tool for small businesses. It allows small businesses to effortlessly establish their social media presence.

For companies engaging in e-commerce activities on social media, NapoleonCat provides functionality to manage the entire sales funnel centrally.

NepoleonCat also provides features for agencies to manage multiple clients from one platform. Finally, the company has enterprise solutions for agencies with large complex operations.


eClincher is for both small businesses and enterprise social media marketing companies. It provides a 14-day free trial before you can decide whether it is the right tool for your business or not. Like many businesses today, it also provides a private demo to walk through and answer your questions.

With eClincher, automating social media publishing can be a cakewalk. The tool manages social content and tracks engagement data with little manual intervention. For agencies, it allows visualizing the performance of all the clients in one place. 


Most social media management tools provide features to manage social media posting activities and track the results. InVideo is a video creation tool that provides video editing capabilities to manage content for social media.

InVideo serves as a sophisticated social media asset management tool. It provides all capabilities to create impressive videos for a vibrant social media presence. The pricing model allows monthly and yearly subscriptions. 


HootSuite is one of the oldest social media marketing tools that has been around for a while now. It started as a tool to manage multiple accounts and has matured into a full-fledged social media management software program.

HootSuite specializes in social marketing, social selling, and customer support. The social marketing features involve managing complex social media presence across platforms.

The social selling features help manage advertising on social media platforms for multiple clients. With the customer care features, agencies can manage their social interactions and engagements in one place. 

And finally, a unique concept called employee advocacy allows employees to share content on their handles.

HootSuite has solutions for businesses of all sizes and budgets. 

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Sendible manages the content on all major social platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Sensible stands out due to its feature of listening to brand mentions. It can track brand mentions and use this information to improve engagement.

Its sophisticated collaboration tools help both single clients and agencies. All of the Sendible features are available on mobile. Mobile access makes social media management possible even while on the move.


If you are specifically looking to manage your Twitter accounts, TweetDeck is the tool for you. TweetDeck provides all the features that Twitter itself provides for an account. However, this tool makes multiple account management easy.

This tool is apt for agencies that manage multiple accounts or accounts of multiple clients. TweetDeck allows for auto-scheduling of tweets which is very useful when managing various accounts simultaneously.


SocialPilot is another useful social media management tool made for agencies and resellers. It has features categorized into three buckets – publishing, collaboration, and customized solutions. 

Like all good social media management tools, SocialPilot manages a social calendar and assists in planning and scheduling posts. It also provides bulk posting features to make posting on various accounts easy.

The collaboration features allow coordination with the clients and internal teams easy, with all data in one place. It also provides tools to advertise, track analytics, and manage your inbox.

Like all social media management tools, SocialPilot provides a free trial and also a custom demo of its features to potential buyers.


Loomly is a tool built for marketing teams with complex social media strategies. It saves marketing teams from working with spreadsheets to manage their activities and clients. It has features like a list and calendar view of scheduled posts and notifications for marketing teams to be on top of their plan.

If the team has run out of ideas to post, Loomly provides information about trending topics. It also reminds the users about upcoming events, holidays, and celebrations.

Like most management tools, managing all assets in one place is the most time-saving feature of Loomly.


Social media management is getting increasingly complex. This is especially true for agencies that manage multiple accounts and have to follow a wide range of schedules.

These tools make managing post schedules of multiple accounts easy. They are built for collaboration and have a strong analytical capability to track insights.

The social media marketing tools we have shared with you will make the task of social media management a breeze. Pick the tool that meets your requirements and is within your budget, and you have everything you need.

Do not forget to avail the free trials the tools provide to get a chance to test the features before investing in any of them.

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