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Electric Geyser is the modern-day solution to get hot water and the best replacement for the solar Geyser. Solar panels are only functional during the sunny weather. However, Geysers can function in any climate whether it’s a sunny or a cloudy day. These days wherever you visit, whether it’s a hotel, PG, college hostel, lodge, or any house. You will find a Geyser and this home appliance has widely spread its application. So, let’s find out how this amazing home appliance works briefly.

How does a Geyser work?

There are several types of Geysers available in the market. Here we shall know the most efficiently working Electric, solar, and GAS Geyser along with its hidden working principle. If you get a water purifier on rent in bengaluru, then the working principle is different from the Geyser. So, some features vary with the appliances.

Electric Geyser: The Electric Geyser works with a simple mechanism and the fundamental secret hidden behind the working of Geyser is it simply converts the electrical energy into heat energy. But let’s understand the curious part which is the internal functionality of Geyser.

  • Initially, the cold water enters the inlet port of the Geyser.
  • Now when you turn on the switch, there is an electronic device which is known as a thermostat. This is the heart of Geyser which heats the incoming cold water.
  • Once the thermostat gets heated up it starts to heat the cold water. As you know the hot water has lesser density and goes up and escapes from the outlet port of the Geyser.
  • The outlet of the Geyser is connected to your tap and shower.

This is the simple working mechanism of Geyser. In case you get a geyser rental in bengaluru,then even that has a thermostat fitted inside it.

GAS Geyser: The Gas Geyser working is a bit simple.

In the beginning, when you turn on the tap, there is a flow of water. This is detected by the sensor present inside the Gas Geyser and it starts to ignite the gas inside the combustion chamber.

Now the combustion begins, and the moving water gets rapidly heated up and reaches your tap or shower.

Once you turn off the tap the geyser sensor stops the entire functioning of the Geyser.

Solar Geyser: You might have observed the solar collectors fitted on the rooftop. This helps in heating the water. Here is the working of the Solar Geyser.

The Sun rays directly fall on the solar collector, and this has an absorbing material that heats the water.

Once the water is heated it can be stored in a tank which can keep the water warm. In some cases, the hot water is served to use.


If you get an air purifiers on rent, it functions differently compared to an air cooler. Similarly, Geysers are available in several different types, and they function differently but have a common goal of heating the water. Hence, It’s necessary to understand and learn the functionality of every home appliance.

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