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There is a culture that mesmerizes people. There are monuments that make your jaw drop. There are beaches that revive your senses. There are historical sites to repeat the past. There is food that craves you more. And to give you a hangover for life is wine and champagne. Yes! We are not talking about any place other than France. Book your flight with Delta Airlines Reservations.

France is a country that has given us travel goals since we were children. From our kitchens and wallpapers of the Eiffel Tower to our favorite movies and books set in the most beautiful scenes, France is undoubtedly a place that has captured all our imaginations.

Whether it is France’s fashionable boulevards or artistic luxury, delightful bistro, or story-book palace, tourists are on vacation to remember for life. In this small country, tourist destinations and UNESCO sites are very frequent and often confuse tourists as to what to kill and what not to miss. To help you break out of such dilemmas, here are the top 10 places to give you a glimpse of French charm:

1) Paris: coz it’s always a good idea

Poets, artists, and storytellers have made the city of Paris the place of our dreams. And one often wonders how such a great appreciation feels so accurate when you are visiting this amazing city. While for many it is an interesting collection of iconic architecture, shopping attractions, and scrumptious food, the idea of Paris surpasses the definition of tourism. As Audrey Hepburn said, “Paris is always a good idea”, this interesting city is definitely worth seeing once in life.

2) Cote D’Azur: Sexy, Sunny and Exotic

Also called the French Riviera, this Côte d’Azur is everything you imagine for a perfect beach holiday. Situated on the stunning coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, the place is designed for a fascinating holiday with spectacular resorts and private beaches. It boasts stunning landscapes and a prime boating area where tourists can appreciate the blue waters of the sea.

3) Lyon: A Gastronomic Escape

When it comes to celebrating French gastronomy, we believe that no place can be better than Leon. A tourist destination in France, Lyon is the answer to all your tourist hunger. In fact, Lyon is a city of flavors with lots of exciting bauchons and bistros to give you a glimpse of what the word ‘Bon Appetite’ actually means to the French people.

4) Bordeaux: The Wine Capital

If you love wine and everything related to it, you can’t just miss Bordeaux. Located on a crescent mehndi, the city benefits from its romantic location known as the ‘port of the moon’. Bordeaux boasts provincial charm with its many victories to experience life in a vineyard. Just one tour of these great wins and wish you never came back.

5) Marseille: Memorial and Museum

Wishing to get the pulse of the urban lifestyle in France with its glorious past? If yes, then Marseille is the place you need to visit to revisit the wealth of European culture. From the history of ancient times to the jewels of culture, Marseille has become the center of attraction for the most authentic tourist experience in France. For the history buff, Marseille has experienced antiquity as opposed to modernity and is accompanied by a plethora of monuments and museums. With the help of Delta Reservations, you book your flight ticket and go to these places.

6) Loire Valley: A Living Fairytale

From its lyrical landscape to its cultural grandeur, the Loire Valley seems simply a destination from the stories we read as a child. With its impressive check (palace) and extraordinary natural beauty, the Loire Valley mesmerizes tourists. In the Loire Valley, you can have these magnificent palaces to host once the Duke and Duchess and enjoy the literal version of ‘Live Life King Size’ while enjoying your French holiday.

7) Mont Blanc: Adventures Awaits

When it comes to thrilling adventure, the Alps are the kings of the outdoors. And what better place than Mont Blanc, the highest peak of this stunning mountain range to make it snow of adventure! Here, you can ski your heart, glide through the air and pass through heights to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Mont Blanc will reward you with incredible memories of pulse-racing thrills, as you find your way to these Alpine Meadows, whether through trekking or paragliding.

8) Biarritz: A Golf Getaway 

For the golf community, Biarritz is home to the most attractive golf clubs in France. A dream destination for golfers, The Biarritz “Le Ferre” Golf Course is a spectacular 18-course hole that is often counted among the best in the world. With its amazing weather throughout the year and being a favorite site for competitive international events, Biarritz is definitely worth a visit to experience golf at its best.

9) Normandy: revisiting the history of wars

Normandy in France invites you to explore the remains of World War II for education beyond books and documentaries. From the visits to the D-Day landings to the heroic tales of Allied soldiers, Normandy gave an interesting insight into the war that changed the whole world. Normandy has preserved time in its museums and World War II sites, where the journey is definitely akin to you goose.

10) Corsica: An Isle of Beauty

Much talked about the mainland of France. But what about the French beauty that hides in this gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Sea. French charm overlooking Corsica perfectly blends with Italian charm. With its belly vibes, beautiful beaches, and spectacular landscapes, Corsica is a tropical dream. The chic island is the perfect place to escape from life and enjoy a romantic retreat with your loved one.

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