Fertility has been a topic of discussion among people for the past few years. In 2018, in many countries of the world, the governments are trying to convince couples to produce their own babies. But the efforts of people to remain free of the duties of children has led to fewer fertility rates in many regions of the world.

Due to the decreasing rate of childbirths in many regions of the world, the governments are trying to provide facilities that can urge couples to produce babies. Similarly, many advanced types of female infertility treatment are also introduced to enhance the birth rate.

Females are usually capable of producing babies till the age of 45 to 48 years. But in some cases, this age limit may increase or decrease depending upon mental and physical health. But if a woman is failing to conceive, despite continuous intercourse during the fertility age, it means that she has some issues regarding fertility. There are different ways to treat this situation, some are traditional and some are advanced.

The following are some of the methods that can be adopted to treat female infertility.


This type involves the most common type of treatment which is done with only medicines. Several medicines have been made to solve this problem. Some of these medicines just boost the rate of fertility and increase the chances of conceiving and some have the ability to bring hormonal changes in your body.

Clomifene: Ovulation is the main thing for pregnancy. Certain women might fail to release an egg or face irregularities in this regard. This leads to infertility and is commonly treated by Clomifene. This medicine brings regularities and makes sure the release of an egg into the ovary every month.

Tamoxifen: Sometimes Clomifene might get short in the market and it becomes hard for patients to buy it. In such cases, its perfect replica can be used. Tamoxifen can be used in place of the above medicine for almost the same ovulatory problems.

Metformin: This medicine is usually used in case of ovarian infections when they become large and contain many fluid-filled sacs. Condition is usually known as polycystic ovary syndrome. It causes irregularities in periods and can be treated via Metformin medicine.

Like many other medicines, these medicines might also have some side effects on your health. The most common effects can be headaches, nausea, vomiting, and hot flashes.

Surgical Methods

Sometimes several issues might happen in the reproductive system of females. This extended system contains different types of tubes and pathways and blockage or damage at a single point can lead to infertility. Here are some surgical methods to treat these issues.

Fallopian Tube Surgery: Egg has to pass through the fallopian tubes before ovulation. Otherwise, this will not happen. But a blockage or presence of some enlarged tissues in the tube can block the path of the egg and ovulation will not happen. To treat this, you might have to go through surgery by which the blockage or tissues will be removed. Success chances depend upon the size of blockage and time since you are facing this problem.

Surgery for Endometriosis: Sometimes fluid-filled sacs may develop in the womb. This results in the growth of margins of the womb, outside it. Surgery is required to deal with them. During operation, the fluid-filled sacs are removed and the same method can be used to eliminate small inside womb growths as well which are known as fibroids. Heat or laser is usually used to remove these grown parts.

Assisted Conception

These are the advanced female infertility treatment methods. It involves various methods to solve fertility issues. IVF treatment is the most common of them. In this case, the women are medicated before treatment to boost the rate of egg growth inside the inside ovary. Then mature and developed eggs are taken from there and sperms from the partner. Their fertilization took place in the laboratory outside the female body. Many eggs can be fertilized at the same time and the healthy embryos implanted back into the female.Many other treatments like assisted reproductive technology, egg, sperm, and embryo freeze technology, and IUI treatments in Lahore also come in this category.

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