Trendy Bridal Lehengas and Groom Sherwanis to Wear in 2022!


2022 is there, and the wedding season has just started. The pandemic has changed everything – from macro to micro weddings, from heavy traditional bridal lehengas to ethnic wedding fashion. Undoubtedly, the fashion industry has evolved itself. Couples are now preferring pastel shades, non-glossy textures, and neutral tones. The wedding represents a bond that lasts forever. You will be representing the oneness. So, why not start pairing your love bond with your life partner? Wearing the matching lehenga and the sherwani by the bride and groom not only shows the feeling of a conjugal union but also makes them feel special. The couple is adored and admired by everyone.

2022 Trend Checklist – Beautiful Brides and Stylish Grooms

If you are getting married this year, this blog is for you. We have handpicked some of the best matching sherwanis to look stylish, trending, and elegant. Here are the top trends of 2022 in Indian wedding fashion.

  • The Bondless Love of Red and White

 A red lehenga is timeless. It is a cult favorite. Every bride-to-be desires to begin a new life in the stunning red lehenga. But when it comes to the groom’s fashion, they do not have too many options. As a result, designers have brought back the classic combination of red and white! Match the red bridal lehenga with the white sherwani having redwork (zari, stone). Style up the look with the red dupatta and red pagdi (turban) look stunning.

If the bride plans to wear a red saree with a golden undertone (border)on her D-day, the groom can pair her with a white dhoti kurta, having a red and golden brocade style border.

  • Complement and contrast

Complement your better half with the contrasting color of the sherwani. If your better half chooses the stunning pink color lehenga, complement the style statement with a contrasting colour groom dress. To match the outfit better, you can accessorize the to-be husband’s outfit with the dupatta and a pagadi matching the bride’s lehenga colour. Isn’t it a smart and unique way to pair and look stunning? 

  • Pastel Forever

In the hard times of pandemic, we have seen so many changes. The love for pastel colors has increased. Nowadays, brides prefer pastel-colored lehengas for their D-day. The groom also complements his bride in a pastel-colored outfit. Both the bride and the groom look chic and modern in their pastel-colored wedding outfits.

  • Love Never Grows Old

The matching vintage style lehenga and sherwani are a masterpiece in themselves. The dense and fine craftsmanship of embroidery, aari work, jaali work, and stonework on the matching wedding outfit is priceless. Such wedding outfits have versatile colors. The vintage wedding dresses are liked and admired by all age groups.

  • Period Look Rules

Think creatively and outside of the box. Couples will dare to go for traditional, vintage, and period looks during the 2022 wedding season. Inspired by a style like angarakha, the groom wears a boat neck kurta with a yoke design. This style uses fabrics like silk, velvet, and brocades. In the traditional saree or heavy zari work lehenga, the bride can complement her groom on their wedding day.

  • Golden and Maroon – A Match Made in Heaven

You can’t think outside maroon when choosing your bridal lehenga? And, at the same time, you want your groom to coordinate his outfits according to yours. Then you don’t need to worry. If you plan to wear the gorgeous maroon lehenga with golden zari and aari work, ask your groom to wear a golden-colored sherwani with stone or zari maroon work. That is the unconventional duo. If you want to add more, ask your groom to carry the maroon dupatta and a maroon pagdi.

The Matching Mantra

If you are still confused about your matching wedding day outfits, here are some more tips to help you coordinate the wedding outfits with your loved one. Remember these tips to match the wedding outfits to bring the perfect blend.

  • Colour

Colors play a vital role in our lives. They are the perfect way to match the wedding outfits of the bride and groom. The best way is to wear contrast or complementary colored outfits. To add up, the groom can carry the matching colour dupatta and pagdi (headgear/turban) as the bride’s lehenga colour.

  • Pattern

If the couple does not find color coordination (matching or contrast) in their wedding outfits, they can match their wedding outfit with matching patterns or designs. This unique step is another tasteful way that perfectly blends the wedding outfits to look picture-perfect.

These are some pointers for perfectly blending wedding outfits so that you look flawlessly picture-perfect.

Moving Ahead

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