5 TV Shows Similar To Designated Survivor Season 4 You Must Watch

Designated Survivor Season 4


The documentary Designated Survivor chronicles Thomas Adam “Tom” Kirkman, an American politician chosen as the State of the Union address’s designated survivor.

He is placed in a precarious situation when he is forced to resign as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to be elected President of the United States explosion that kills everyone in the President’s succession line.

The show follows his efforts to deal with his immaturity as President while also attempting to learn the truth behind the assault. ‘Designated Survivor’ launched in 2016 to rave reviews for its cast and writing.

The show strikes a balance between the protagonist’s personal and professional difficulties. For this essay, I considered shows that have comparable narrative traits to this one. Designated Survivor debuted 3 seasons as of yet. Sadly, Designated Survivor Season 4 is canceled and won’t be released.

Here is our list of the finest series similar to ‘Designated Survivor, without further ado.’ Many of these shows, including ‘Designated Survivor,’ are available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.


Scandal, developed by Shonda Rhimes, stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a retired White House Communications Director who launched her crisis management agency.

In the process, she discovers that her clients are not the only ones who harbor secrets. The episode delves into the complexities of one of America’s most infamous facets of political administration, namely, scandals. The show’s premise, writing, and performances have earned favorable reviews.

Show Me a Hero

Show Me a Hero is related to Lisa Belkin’s 1999 novel of the same name. It centers around Yonkers, New York, Mayor Nick Wasicsko. The show chronicles the struggle of a white middle-class community against a federally required citywide public housing construction.

David Simon and reporter William F. Zorzi are credited with providing viewers with a microscopic perspective of the story’s people and events through the show’s philosophical writing.

Oscar Isaac, the recipient of the “Best Actor – Television Film or Miniseries” award, excels in immersing himself in part and heightens the emotional tension.


‘Borgen’ is a Danish historical drama series that chronicles Birgitte Nyborg’s ascension to the peak of the political realm and eventual appointment as Prime Minister.

The show, created by scriptwriter Adam Price, records and maps a hypothetical political atmosphere modeled off Denmark’s political landscape.

Additionally, the storyline tried to inject a sense of suspense into the understated drama. The show started in 2010 and is currently on its third season.

The series has been shortlisted for several prizes, including two BAFTAs for “Best International,” one of which was won, and one Peabody Award. With only two seasons consisting of 10 episodes each, ‘Borgen’ is an enjoyable and brief viewing.

The Crown

The Crown,’ a period drama, chronicles Queen Elizabeth II’s reign and the events that formed the second half of the twentieth century, including intense political rivalries and everyday life.

Peter Morgan’s prior credits as a writer for the show include ‘The Queen’ (2006), ‘The Damned United’ (2009), and ‘Rush’ (2013). Morgan’s insight resulted in one of history’s most remarkable events.

As a result, the script is enriched by Claire Foy, Matt Smith, and Vanessa Kirby’s performances as Princess Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and Princess Margaret, respectively.

For the time being, viewers can look forward to two more outstanding seasons of ‘The Crown,’ in which new performers will fill major parts.

House of Cards

Adapted from the 1990 British television drama of the same name, ‘House of Cards is an enthralling political thriller.

The drama is set in bustling Washington, D.C. It centers on Frank Underwood, a Democratic congressman from South Carolina’s 5th congressional district and House Majority Whip, and his equally successful wife, Claire Underwood.

When Underwood is passed over for the Secretary of State position, he and his wife devise an intricate strategy to seize power and dominance.

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright’s mesmerizing performances propel the show to greatness. They are aided by the strong writing that delves into politics, power, greed, and manipulation.

The show debuted on Netflix and was one of the first to establish the streaming service as a household name. ‘House of Cards’ was nominated for 33 Primetime Emmy Awards and eight Golden Globe Awards.

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