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The cultural capital of the UAE, Sharjah, is a popular emirate and tourist destination. Although it may not shoulder Dubai when it comes to popularity, it certainly is an ideal place to live in if you’re looking to add some amount to your savings account while enjoying modern city amenities. The reason? It has a lower living cost as compared to Dubai. Also, the fact that it lies close to Dubai (can be reached in 30 to 40 minutes) makes it the right choice. You will find a huge number of people who work in Dubai but live in Sharjah due to the lower living cost and close proximity.

There are different types of residential properties available for tenants and buyers in Sharjah to choose from. Let’s take a look at them:


These are spacious, independent dwellings that are usually bigger in terms of size compared to other property types. Available in different designs and themes, villas for sale in Sharjah are usually expensive, but they offer an upscale lifestyle and enhanced exclusivity.

These abodes come with modern amenities and facilities, such as a swimming pool, separate maid’s room, lawn, parking space, advanced security measures, etc. Some villas also have in-house theatre rooms and plenty of space that can be converted into a gym.

Off lately, the demand for villas in Sharjah has increased as the prices dropped last year. Also, the pandemic played its part in making people realise the importance of living in bigger and spacious homes.

Apartments & Studios

These are the most common types of properties all over the UAE. Several residential developments from noted developers feature apartments and studios in far bigger numbers as compared to villas, penthouses and duplexes.

Studios either come with a separate bedroom or an integrated one; apartments are available in different configurations and layouts, catering to the needs of everyone. They start from 1-bedroom and go all the way to 4-bedroom ones, making them suitable for singletons, couples and families.

Apartments and studios in modern buildings are laced with state-of-the-art amenities. These include temperature-controlled infinity pools, covered parking space, elevators, fitness centre, spa, theatre rooms, manicured lawns, rooftop decks, etc. However, the presence of these amenities impacts the price of the housing unit as well.

villas for sale


Penthouses are luxury versions of apartments. These units are nestled on the topmost floors of residential developments. These are lavish abodes adorned with ultra-luxury amenities. Spectacularly designed, penthouses are spacious and bigger as compared to apartments. These units, too, come in different variants, vis-à-vis their configuration and layout.


A duplex is typically a two-storey structure that comes with one dining hall, kitchen and several bedrooms, depending on its configuration and area covered. This type of residential property is suitable for a big family. Some duplexes are made to accommodate two families. Such properties feature two kitchens, entry points and dining halls.


A townhouse is a separate housing unit but it shares walls with the neighbouring unit. This is what sets villas and townhouses apart, as the former is surrounded by green spaces. Townhouses, too, come with modern amenities. These are stylish units that can be single or double-storey. They are suitable for bigger families. However, some smaller townhouses in 2-bedroom configurations are also available for smaller families.

How to Choose the Right Property Type?

Property buyers and tenants often find themselves confused when it comes to selecting the right property type for themselves. However, you can make an informed decision by taking into account these important factors if you are also facing this confusion:

  • Number of Family Members: If you have a big family or plan to expand it in a couple of years, choosing a bigger dwelling, such as a villa or townhouse is a better choice.
  • Budget: Villas are expensive, and so are penthouses. So, if you have budget limitations, these two property types will be out of your reach. You can, however, look for apartments for sale in Sharjah that come with inexpensive price tags.
  • Style & Substance: If you’re looking for a stylish dwelling that comes with modern features, a penthouse will be the right choice. The spacious layout of these units makes them quite comfortable to live in.
  • Privacy and Exclusivity: Villas are ideal for those seeking enhanced privacy and exclusivity as they are independent dwellings. Apartments, on the other hand, are stylish and trendy but do not protect your privacy completely.

A Final Word

The decision ultimately depends on your requirements and the purpose of buying. If you’re buying it for investment purposes, take into account the market trends and choose a property in Sharjah that’s going to offer you a high ROI. For residential purposes, consider the factors discussed above and you’ll be able to make a wise decision. 

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