Umrah is among the two most sacred and holy pilgrimages of Islam. Unlike Hajj, umrah performance is not an obligation but a Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAWW). Despite, the rewards it holds for the pilgrims are no less than that of Hajj, hence tens of thousands of Muslims opt for it every month of the year through their Umrah packages Manchester.
Among the best times for umrah’s performance, the month of December is of significant importance. Here’s why.

Best Weather.

Since Saudia Arabia has a hot desert climate, the heat can get very harsh during the daytime in the summer months. With an average daytime temperature of 40-45 Degrees Celsius. Performing Umrah in such harsh weather conditions may be not safe for elderly people or even children but one must never miss out on an opportunity for performing umrah.
The month of December on the other hand brings the most pleasant weather condition in Saudi Arabia. With a daytime temperature of 20-25 Degrees Celsius on average, you can easily perform all of your Umrah rituals. It’s best advised for families traveling for umrah performance with elderly people or infants. Especially those coming from cold climatic conditions.

Affordable travel rates.

The travel rates get discounted in December due to the holiday season. Let it be hotel accommodation or flights; you can get pretty discounted rates at everything. So, making it the perfect time for budget umrah travelers. However, that doesn’t mean the quality of provision of services is compromised. As a matter of fact, you might get a 5-star luxury travel experience within a budget for 3-star economy travel!

Lesser crowd.

The number of pilgrims traveling for umrah rituals during December is comparatively less. The reason being most Muslims prefer umrah travel in either summer vacations or during Ramadan. Hence, making December the choice of most Muslim people living in western/European countries because it’s easy for them to travel during this time as work/study leaves are official due to the holiday season. Therefore, making it one of the most relaxed times for umrah performance.

The convenience of travel.

Umrah travel in December is quite budget-friendly, relaxed, and convenient. Why? Well, the discounted travel rates, lesser number of people, quality provision of travel/accommodation services, and best weather conditions all add to it.

Visiting the Sacred Mountains.

Another most significant thing that pilgrims do during their umrah travel in December is the Ziyarath of the holy sites. There are many mountains, places, mosques, graveyards, caves, and hills that have a very strong religious and historical association with Islam. So, it’s quite easier for pilgrims to travel for the Ziyarath during December because of pleasant weather conditions. Especially when it comes to hiking to those sacred places, December’s the best time.

So, if you are opting for umrah travel in the coming months, December might be one of the best times to consider it, if you also want to visit the sacred mountains.

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