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Christian cards showcase rich elegance in their designs. Likewise in this article, you will find exciting and unique Christian Wedding Cards online for this wedding season. It is 2021, we all expect uniqueness in whatever we do, which makes it outstanding. Similarly, in Wedding invitation cards, it is very difficult to find new designs offline, it is very engaging to see how the online world creates customised cards at a relatively cheaper cost. Apart from customised cards, here are some favourite Christian wedding card online designs that give you an idea of how to choose unique designs.

The Perfect Frame

The Perfect Frame is a geometric design Christian wedding card online with lavender details on the sides. It is an elegant themed invite. The majority of the attention is gone to the frames. They are aligned so that it looks different and attractive in the pretty golden shade. GeometricallyBougainvillaeathe designed invites are trending in the wedding invitation business, so you can consider giving it a try.

Royal Redux

Royal Redux is a rich and invitation entwined with golden detailings on its borders. It is designed with the universally flattering royal blue colour. It gives an insight into the wedding location and it elates the expectation of the wedding. This particular Christian card is simply unique for its colour alone. It is plain, simple yet attractive and looks splendid.

Beyond The Bougainvillae

Beyond the Bougainvillaea is a floral-themed modern Christian wedding invitation card. As we all know, the new Bougainvillaea flower obsession with the planet has started to talk more in recent months. Adhering to any Bougainvillaea related designs has started becoming very popular and trending. Likewise, this invitation template offers a new design with the teal and magenta colour combination. This bright invitation is a unique choice for couples looking for new floral designs. The golden grid detailing adds more beauty to the card. Everything about this card is new – the colour grades, the Bougainvillaea concept etc deliver a cute and authentic platter of designs to the table.

Lotus Blossoms

Lotus Blossoms is another floral themed wedding invitation. It is a simple watercolour paper design which brings embarks an impression on the invitation card. It looks very aesthetic. It looks interesting as we look into the details of it. Not many invitation cards have an impression-based design. In that context, this template is a unique choice for couples looking for simple, new, subtle and unique wedding invitations designs

Indian Blossoms

Indian Blossoms is another Christian wedding card online. It is simple with its minimalistic approach in design and style. Its beautiful floral designs aligned like creepers adds more aesthetics to the card. Its clean white background stands relevant to a Christian wedding. White and red never goes out of elegance, as they both symbolise purity and love respectively. Marriage is the sacrament of giving and receiving the gift of love in a Christian wedding. Therefore the wedding cards suggested above, represent the sacrament of a wedding in the purest form and allows the wedding guests to also acknowledge the same. Hope this article gave you an idea of how to select the unique and best wedding invitation designs suggested above. You can also customise your designs in Wedding Wishlist at reasonable prices.

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