Unique Coffee Pouch Design Ideas


If you own a coffee business, your coffee bag design is essential in differentiating you from the competition. Given the variety of ways coffee may be cultivated, dried, roasted, prepared, and served, it’s no wonder that the commodity can be packaged in a variety of ways.

For many people, coffee is a lifeline. Great coffee packaging might influence us away from our usual trusted coffee vendor and into trying something different. Coffee is also one of the most traded agricultural products on the globe.

Here is a list of three of the most inspiring custom coffee pouch concepts and why people like them. We hope you take good inspiration from our post!

1.  Kraft Paper

Kraft has a natural texture and gives the conventional block bottom paper bag a tough, strong, and vintage feel and appearance which helps with the branding.

Balzac’s coffee is a great example of a company that combines vintage-style branding with the earthy, natural textures of kraft paper. This provides the impression that the coffee is the same as the one your forefathers once enjoyed. That is, they have been around for a long time and are a trusted brand, but they aren’t greenwashing you. All of Balzac’s coffee blends are packaged in the same printed coffee pouches, which are labeled with a sticker. Regrettably, all of those stickers are the same color making it difficult for a consumer to figure out what they are looking for at just one glance.

Single Origin Coffee Roasters’ packaging is primarily made of natural cardboard. However, it’s a strange mix of maximalist and minimalist design. These coffee bag designs are inspired by a wish to “avoid any concept of commercialism.”  As a consequence, the entire logo has been redesigned to seem small, distinct, and exclusive, but without the ‘homemade’ feeling.

2.  Black and Gold

Black complements almost any color. However, when black and gold are combined, they give any brand that adopts this color palette a sophisticated, classy, and stylish impression.

Forestal Coffee is a coffee brand that uses black and gold to create a sense of exclusivity on its stand-up pouches. A fitting impression, given that their coffee is only available in their coffee shop and online! The black and gold provide a sense of luxury, while smaller labels towards the bottom help to readily distinguish their various kinds of coffee.

Raven Coffee is another brand whose logo and package design are mostly black and gold. What’s remarkable is that Raven uses more than one shade of yellow – the huge pale yellow section offers a separate canvas on which black and other golden tones are applied. Also notable is Raven’s usage of a third color to distinguish between the different varieties of coffee. All of these distinguishing colors work in conjunction with the set color scheme of black and gold to make it simple to recognize the coffee varieties – a successful application of color psychology in package design.

Redroaster Coffee’s package has a black printed backdrop to remind you that you’re enjoying a slice of nature. The gold on the front and back of Redroaster Coffee’s black packaging displays the brand name and key sales information while keeping the coffee fresh. Moreover, intricate, exquisite coffee bean plants are depicted on the edges of the stand-up bag. Because of this contrast, both aspects stand out against each other. It also combines the sensation of sipping great coffee with the piece of nature from which it originated.

3.  Splashes of Color

Lord Windsor Coffee’s coffee packaging design is bright, colorful, and tropical jungle-inspired. With only the brand name on the front panel, this coffee bean design lets the artwork speak for itself. On the back, you’ll find all of the important information regarding the mixes, ingredients, and serving guidelines. There are no distractions, just wonderful coffee in a posh-looking coffee bag.

Cerchio Coffee combines color with the well-known coffee ring stains to create a one-of-a-kind design for their coffee pouches. The use of distinct colors also aids in distinguishing between the extensive variety of blends. Cerchio coffee combines the geometry of coffee ring stains with color to produce something absolutely unique.


All of these and more excellent package design champions are inspiring, to be sure, but the idea is hard work in collaboration with strong design and a clear grasp of the packaging process. There are many moving pieces, but fortunately, bringing your brand image to life and onto the shelves is becoming easier.

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