A wedding is the biggest day of anyone’s life, stressing its importance to be perfect. Once you start planning the event, there would be a lot of options for everything possible. The venue, bands, decorations, catering, flowers, and even the dresses; there would be millions of choices for everything, and it is up to you to select them.

A wedding is a big celebration of your life and partner, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend a massive amount of money to be happy. Planning your wedding in your budget is a wise choice, and if anyone tells you otherwise, you should not listen. It doesn’t make sense to spend your life savings on one single event that you could enjoy and plan on a budget. While you may be tempted to get all those marvelous and expensive things, staying within your budget should be your goal.

There are many options you can save money on during your wedding. Be it the dress, choose a cheaper catering option, or limit the number of guests; it is your day, and you should celebrate it as you see fit.

For example, opting for barbeque catering services would help cut down the expenses on those appetizers that won’t even be as tasty.

Here are some unique catering ideas that will make your wedding fun, elegant and economical:

Food trucks

Food trucks are one of the easiest, accessible, and delicious food catering options for a wedding. Everyone loves them because of their tasty food and convenience. Having your favorite food trucks at your wedding can save you a massive amount of money as they are much cheaper than hiring those gourmet catering services.

Apart from that, it’ll give your guests a choice of what they want instead of just eating the one thing you have decided.

Barbecue catering

Food on the sticks is an excellent option for an economical and fun wedding catering option. It offers the opportunity of choices; you can have anything from nonveg to vegetarian items barbecued depending on your guests’ preference.

It can be a great option if your wedding theme is relaxed and fun, and you want your guests to have that delicious finger food while having their cocktails. Also, many barbecue caterers offer special wedding catering services tailored to suit the needs of the guests and the couple.

Pasta coupled with bread.

Pasta is a food loved by everyone. The variety and flavors offered with them are what make it an excellent option for wedding catering. You can serve the pasta options, tossed up in vegies and coupled with a loaf of garlic bread for an entree or the main course. It will surely be loved by everyone and still be easier on the pockets.

Breakfast items

There is a reason why people go for breakfast for dinner when they want to enjoy the food. Items like eggs, pancakes, and waffles are everyone’s choice when they wish to have something delicious and fun.

This is why you must add a breakfast menu in your wedding catering for a cheap and delicious meal.