PDF files are pretty popular these days. People tend to share personal images, documents, and files in an optimum way through PDFs. PDF reader software plays its key role in helping us go through the document and share it however we want.

You were about to send a document to your friend through PDF, and you spotted a mistake. That file is important, and you can’t send it without omitting the error. Here comes the need for a PDF editor.

Several PDF editors help you edit your PDF but are costly and charge a lot of money, but what if I introduce you to software that is absolutely free and is the best of its kind. Here comes UPDF, which is a free PDF editor. After reviewing its features, we are sharing it with you. All files uploaded to our servers will be automatically deleted after you turn your file into a excel to pdf document.

Here let’s dig into details about UPDF free PDF editor. 

What is UPDF?

UPDF is a resourceful free PDF reader for mac and windows users. It helps you read and edit your PDF with simple steps and minimal effort.

It is much more than a simple PDF editor as it helps you organize and arrange your files. For editing, all you need to do is to import files and can arrange pages by just drag and dropping.

These handy steps can help you edit your files in split seconds.

Features of UPDF:

1. Edit PDF document

UPDF for Mac doesn’t demand any prior expertise in editing PDFs, as this will allow you to easily add or delete texts and edit text properties such as font style, font color, and size.

The text alignment feature will help you achieve an organized and neat layout while working on your PDF. This free PDF editor will help you crop, rotate, replace, extract or delete images.

Organize PDF pages:

When it comes to organizing PDF pages, you won’t find any better PDF editor than UPDF. The batch-processing feature allows users to have multiple PDFs open at a time.

This spectacular PDF reader allows the user to organize PDFs according to their preference. You can rotate, rearrange and even change the page’s orientation easily with the help of this.

Moreover, it allows you to extract and delete unnecessary PDF pages.

2. Annotate PDF File

What other feature do you need if you can note the critical text while going through your PDF? This PDF viewer allows you to highlight, underline, and strike out those parts you find interesting in your PDF.

In addition to that, it even allows you to add shapes and text boxes for quicker and easier means of adding text.

The option to add a sticky note is all you need to add any extra information along your ride through your PDF.

3. View and navigate PDF files:

The UPDF allows you to view and navigate through your PDF pages. The magnification feature helps you zoom the text where it is hard to read. You can also bookmark a specific section to have a peak when needed quickly.

The magnificent feature of smoothly switching between the PDF pages while working can also be availed. The search option allows you to jump to the page you want quickly.

Advantages of UPDF:

  • UPDF provides you with a better experience and is far better than other editors in the market.
  • Its interference is user-friendly as it doesn’t demand specific prior knowledge to use the app.
  • It saves your precious time and enhances productivity by working faster.
  • It is absolutely free and doesn’t even charge a penny for the spectacular services.

Final Words

UPDF provides every service that you could have expected from a PDF reader. The software is user-friendly and allows you to work without learning how to use it properly.

Whether you want to edit your PDF file or simply want to organize it, you will find UPDF by your side. Moreover, this software is giving its exemplary services for free.

These features make UPDF the best PDF editing software of all present in the market and worth giving a try.

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