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Last Year 64 Billion Dollars were received as Venture Capital by Ernst & Young, LevyCNBC Company. This capital was supposed to be invested in different businesses. It was a record investment money collected in the first Quarter of a Year. 

A year before the Investment, the organizational leader was expressing its concern that we are sliding into Abyss. But the way their organization jumped in the market last year was remarkable. It was 43% more investment than the previous year’s investments in the US. 

The change was due to a change of CEO and managing department of Venture Capitalist Company. Ernst and Young are the new CEOs of the US Venture Company. In this report, we will share all the previous deals in detail to show you the difference between this year’s and last year’s investments.

What is US Q1 LevyCNBC?

Previous Year, the total Venture Capital Investments hit 64 Billion US Dollars just in the first Quarter of the Year. This was the biggest investment against all the years’ investments as a Venture Capital. The Venture Capital is measured quarterly each year. The record years were too behind this investment, but this investment took the Venture Capitalist to next level. 

The management team and CEOs of US Capital Venture Company were changed the previous Year. The previous CEO, Jeff Grabow was concerned that they are going to stand in Abyss or their market is going down. But as soon the leader, CEO, and management team changed everything returned to being as good as it can be. 

Now, they have gained more than expectations and secured a strong position in the Stock Market.

What is Venture Capital?

Venture Capital is a company where different investors invest their money, and further Venture Capital take good use of that money and invests in established and better businesses. They also provide business ideas to their clients and customer. They have developed a lot in their previous years, but the achievement of the last year was something extraordinary from Venture Capital.

This reduces the loss rate and increases productivity for both investors and the industry. They provide deep analysis of each company inside and out and take care of your money in a good manner. Previously, China and India were leading the market in the previous 3 to 5 years by giving more flexibility to their investors. But the ways investors respond to Venture Capital and their work, now the momentum goes back to the United States. 

Who are Ernst & Young?

Ernst & Young is the new Leader (CEO) of Venture Capital. The previous leader was Jeff Grabow, who was concerned about the Company’s future. Because least people trusting Venture Capital and Investments was reducing over time. But as soon as the leadership changed to Ernst and Young, the future and financial state of Venture Capital increased exponentially. 

Now, more people are approaching Ernst and Young for investment. This change does not only lies with Ernst and Young but also big changes in the management team. The whole infrastructure of the company changed and shifted from one state to another. This was the risk taken by Ernst and Young, which could lead the company to even worst, but they achieved the best they can.

How Does Investing in Venture Capital reduce the risk of Business Loss?

Venture Capital reduces Business loss, because of deep research of companies. They have connections among different companies to test whether it is right or fraudulent to make sure your investments get in the right hand. But this is not the end of it, because the US law of Personal Verification also reduces fraud cases for the past ten years.

The important factor that helps Venture Capital to invest in the right place by studying the business inside and out. They have hands in every business to check the current state of the business from the inside if they are going to crash in the market or make a jump. But still, there is a chance of loss, but this loss is reduced by 30 to 40 percent.

How does Venture Capital help you to grow and build your Business from Startup/Scratch?

If you are thinking about starting your new business or want to make your first investments in the market, then you must take guidance from Venture Capital. It may help you to recognize your best approach for starting or investing in established businesses. Recently, more than 60 Billion dollars in investment made the statement of how good it can be to work with Venture Capital.

If you are new in the market, you might confuse about the options, then you must seek someone’s guidance to invest. You will get hundreds of options, but Venture Capital will always be the bold and prominent guidance-seeking platform regarding business and investments.

If a person or organizational team wants to start their own business, then the startup and complete plans can be shared with Venture Capital to get complete guidance. They have a lot of plans ready for you and your new company.

What are the top Venture Capital Deals of This year?

The following are the top US Venture Deals that make their investment touching 46 Billion US Dollars in the first quarter of the year:

  • 1.2 Billion Dollars with GoPuff in a G Serious Round Deal
  • 1 Billion Dollars with Robinhood with H Series Round Deal
  • 2 Billion Dollars with Cruise in a Corporate Round Deal
  • 1 Billion Dollars with Databricks in a G Series Round Deal
  • 850 million Dollars with SpaceX (Elon Musk’s Company)
  • 600 Million Dollars with Stripe in an H Series Round
  • 750 million Dollars with Thrasio in a C Series Round Deal
  • 590 Million Dollars with Sila Nanotechnologies with F Series Round Deal
  • 750 Million Dollars with UiPath in an F Series Round deal
  • 525 Million Dollars with ElevateBio in a C Series Round Deal


If you want to invest in the US, then I would suggest you arrange a meeting with Venture Capital. They received more than 64 Billion US Dollars in the first Quarter of the year for investments. It was a record-breaking investment of any year in the United States. 

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