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It was a case of the dog days of summer. After the stressful week before, we thought we’d relax on a sunny Saturday. So we loaded up the car with our new puppy, got a leash and off we went.

It was at this stage we realised we were really in for it. As soon as we left our street, our guide dog started limping. We had no idea why, so we took him to the vet where they asked questions and tried to find the problem. We found the problem…

It turned out there was an enormous amount of rubbish in his gut. They were calling it blockage, which is a fancy word for a blockage.

After lots of tests, they discovered he had ruptured an intestine and a piece of intestine was sticking out of his skin. It had to be removed and replaced.

Then he had a bone infection, which I can only guess was what caused the blockage. It was quite the surprise to be honest, even with all of his history. I had had him to the vets many times before for all sorts of things, but I guess I had no idea he was riddled with diseases and ailments.

The surgery was more than I had bargained for and his recovery was a lot longer than I expected. We drove round Glasgow for an entire weekend on no sleep as he was still anaesthetised. I used Google maps to help me find vets and back to us every step of the way. It was a pretty stressful experience but we’re still really happy with how things turned out.

Google Maps Help

We use google map and find near me and i am very happy. Needless to say, Google maps was my first port of call, and I was delighted to find that the emergency vet glasgow was on the very same street as the cafe. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in very good condition, and we were getting a bit late so we just left our dog there.

That evening, we drove back to the vet and stayed overnight. We waited for the first blood test to come back the following morning to see how he was doing. It took a bit longer than expected, so we thought we would have to leave him on the cold floor of the vets for a while.

You can see from the video that we had to go to McDonald’s to get some tea and a cake to cheer ourselves up.

After that, he was doing really well and the vet was confident that he was on the mend. We could see the stitches on his skin and I was terrified but the vet said he was going to be fine.

Later that day, we drove back to the vets for his next check-up. I put the camera on the dashboard to take a few pictures and I thought this would give the animal centre an idea of his current condition.

Sure enough, he was even more skint than before, but the vet said everything was looking good. I’m pretty sure the man was joking as we could have cared less about the wound.

The takeaway

While we were there, we picked up some dog biscuits for him. It took him a little bit to get used to them but he loves them now. It wasn’t my intention to try and sell them or anything, but as I was posting our pictures online I thought it would make a great jpeg.

Final Thoughts

So if anyone wants a seriously cute puppy, I could be of some assistance. They’re not very good company, but we love them anyway. We had a lovely few days with him and he got quite used to going out on a lead as it was really hot. Since then, we’ve had him back and will continue to do what we can to make sure he’s happy and healthy.