Fed up with the cigarette? Are you about to put on vape pens? We have lots of good news for you. Yes, there is an effective way to quit smoking cigarettes. And, yes, Vaping is a thousand times less harmful than the cigarette. It is also true that a large part of the vapes definitely stops the cigarette. 

New generation hardware

Lucky guys that you are, you will be able to make your debut in vape pens with second or even third generation equipment. Yes lucky because the equipment has significantly evolved during the year 2014. And that’s good because the weaning is much faster and better than the first generation ego type cigarettes stardust. More details here for their coil selection.

A major advance, but this is only my modest opinion, is the arrival of multi-voltage batteries. Small and reliable they can send a voltage ranging from 3 to nearly 5 volts to the clearomizer (the tank containing the liquid and the resistance). These batteries offer different sensations depending on the voltage. No more hit (the throat sensation dear to the smoker), more steam and more taste. The taste may vary depending on the chosen liquid and the voltage. In short these batteries will help you find the sensations you are looking for.

Boxing phenomenon

We must also rely on the phenomenon of weed pens that land since late 2014. It is the invasion that is beginner, expert or expert enthusiast; boxes have changed the landscape of the vape.

For a beginner, a Vaping pens is the anti-effect ” light saber ” thanks to their small size. It is also a pledge of power, autonomy and versatility, in short, it is a must.

The new clearomizers

  • The new vaporizer pens have also evolved. Double resistances, reliable … they offer a vape experience that we would have liked to know during my debut.
  • Two weed vape pens to vary the tastes are a minimum. We can get tired of a liquid when we vape it exclusively. Having a second flavor is not an obligation but it is also a way to avoid a classic cigarette by weariness. It’s not the flavors that are missing, enjoy it.
  • Do not forget the cables and the small charger to power your batteries. Charging on a wall outlet is much more efficient than on a PC port. 

Vaping it’s not smoking at all

As a novice Vaper, we are often put off by the weight and size of e-cigarette pens. We also look for the gesture of the smoker, to put the e-cig pens in the mouth. Personally I am totally opposed to the eking which resembles the real cigarettes, the cigalikes. It must be understood that Vaping is not smoking. These are two different things and change object, gestures that mark your break with the cigarette. But no stress, it is the fear of the lack that you fear, it is normal. Habits change very quickly. 

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