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Recently, there was a rumor about the face reveal of Veibae. There was a lot of controversy over the face reveal of Veibae. Some people think that it is not her real face, while others think that it is her real face. In this report, we will let you know if it was revealed or not. But if it has been revealed, then it is clear that Veibae is very introvert and does not want to disclose her personal information publicly. 

Who is Veibae?

Veibae is a Twitch streamer who uses VTube to show her Anime publicly. She does a gaming stream on Twitch Channel along with American VShojo Agency. She does not have an Instagram account and does not like to post her pictures publicly. According to streaming sources, she is a British Native and lives in the United Kingdom. She is from a Japanese family who lives in the United Kingdom.

She started his official gaming stream in 2015 and joined different agencies from time to time. Currently, she is streaming along with VShojo Agency. Most of her streaming is for adult people, as she uses abusive language. You must not watch her stream if you are not older than 18.

Is Veibae’s face revealed?

Some people think that her face is not revealed, she shared a picture but it is not her picture. It might be her relative, friend, neighbor, or some random girl. Because she has not shown her real face in 4-5 years. Additionally, she has not uploaded any pictures after this post which comprises more than 2 years.

But this is one side of the picture, other thinks that this is her real face as it was revealed on her official account. 

Why Do People think Veibae Face Revealed or not?

There was a lot of controversy on social media if it is her real face or not. Some of them say that it is her real identity because this picture matches her streaming Avatar. She uploaded it for the sake of promotion.

On the other hand, some people say that this is not her real face as she had not shown her face before or after that post. We must keep both opinions in account to get the final decision.

How People recognized Veibae Picture?

People did not recognize Veibae’s picture. They assumed it as it is uploaded on Veibae official account. It might be for promotion, but there is no confirmation if it is her real face or not. People assumed that it is Veibae’s real face because it matches her Streaming Anime.

How we can check the authenticity of Veibae Face?

When Veibae posted a picture on her Twitter account, the first question arises was how to check if it is her real face or not. But nobody was able to double-check if it is her real face or not. They made theories with assumptions and declared it her real face. As this picture matches her Streaming Anime, so it is her real face.

How Veibae got famous?

Veibae does not have any other real identity. She started game streaming on her Twitch account in 2015. A lot of people are attracted to her voice and gameplay. And in a very short time, she joined agencies to play games. 

And later in 2016, she joined American VSHOJO along with the iron mouse. And this was the moment when she started to get famous. And now she has more than 700 thousand followers on her Twitch account. She also has 540 thousand Twitter account followers. This also explains that all her followers are original and follow her everywhere.

When Veibae did start live streaming?

Nobody knows if she had any public channel for gaming or any other purpose before 2015. She started this channel in 2015 for gaming purposes and work on this for more than 7 years. She started this channel alone and then joined VSHOJO in 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the most searched question about Veibae on different search engines:

How many followers does Veibae have?

She has more than 700 thousand followers on her twitch account where she streams games daily. And she also has a Twitter account having 540 thousand followers. She does not have an Instagram or Facebook account. But she has more than 620 thousand followers on her YouTube Account.

What is the age of Veibae?

The official age of Veibae is unknown. But it was assumed from her voice, language, and way of talking that her age should be between 22-to-26.

What is the date of birth of Veibae?

The date of Birth is unknown but from her voice, we can consider that she is 22-to-26 years old. Which means her date of birth lies between 1996-to-2005.

Where does Veibae live?

From her twitch, YouTube, and Twitter account, we can say that she lives in the United Kingdom. She has British Nationality and has lived here for years.

What is the real name of Veibae?

The real name of Veibae is unknown. Nobody knows her personal information. We cannot say if it is her real name or social name. But we can assume that it is her social name for gaming and her official name is not known.

What is the Net worth of Veibae?

She earned nearly $1000 to $5000 monthly from Streaming, advertisement, and YouTube channel. But we cannot conclude her net worth as we do not know anything else about her.

What is the Instagram account of Veibae?

Veibae does not have an Instagram Account. She only has Twitter, Twitch, and YouTube accounts. She does not have an Instagram or Facebook Account.

What is twitter name of Veibae?

Her Twitter name is Vei VSHOJO @Veibae having more than 540K followers.


Veibae is a Twitch streamer who streamed games for almost 6 years without revealing her identity except for one time. When she posted a picture of a beautiful girl on her Twitter account, nobody knows if it is her face or not. It might be her real face but you cannot get it verified as there is no other identity. Nobody knows her real name, age, date of birth, etc.

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